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Hottie of the week – Nata Lee

Whether you care about music or not, one thing is for sure, Nata Lee will definitely make you become a fan. This smoking hot, sexy, outstanding and must-see DJ and Instagram sensation is absolutely glorious.

I am still relatively new to Nata and I must say, she took my breath away as soon as I first came across her Instagram profile. So many outstanding contents and a body that will knock your socks off.

To be honest, I do not even know where to start. I am still kind of speechless when it comes to describing the insane beauty of Nata Lee. From head to toe, every inch if you will, is phenomenal.

Sure, Nata might be pushing her ass and boobs the most, but her lips, belly, thighs, eyes, hair, you name it, all are very appealing to the eye.

Luckily, I did manage to get some hunting done to find out a tad more about this attractive lady. First and foremost, Nata Lee is a Russian-born youngster who was born on February 17, 1999.

She might be young but whatever she does is very professional and mature. I wonder how far the future will get her. With that in mind, let’s make sure we all follow Lee on Instagram and investigate her life and experiences in great detail.

Also, according to very many Nata’s Instagram posts, she must be very close to Mavrin’s founder Aleksandr. Okay, this is not something I am 100% sure about, but these two hot people seem to hang out quite a lot.

It does not really matter what is going on over at your end today, but it is a guarantee that the experience you will have in the following minutes will be very pleasing. In other words, the time has come for everyone to enjoy some Nata’s sexy photos and a clip here and there.

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22 Best Brunette Pornstars That Are Winning 2019

It was about time that we bring you a list of some of the best brunette pornstars for your pure enjoyment. This time is today and the list is not put together in any particular order.

Since some like one over the other, and our opinion is entirely different compared to yours, we just selected top adult actresses at random. And if you have any additional suggestions, we would love to hear it from you. Meaning, make sure you do not miss sharing who your favorite brunette pornstars are and we will consider adding them to the list.

From thin and slender to curvy and big breasted, we have them all here, ready and set to please you. Besides, do not miss doing your own research if you are unfamiliar with a porn superstar – you know, for science!

One thing is for sure, whether it is a MILF or a teen, they are all out of this world.

Abigail Mac

abigail mac
Abigail Mac is a really glamorous brunette pornstar who enjoys pleasing her fans with her outstanding performances. In the adult entertainment business for quite some time now, you know Abigail knows damn well how to get things going in front of the camera. Whether in a solo, getting fucked by the largest cocks or in a lesbian scene, no matter what, Abigail Mac never disappoints. And if you happen to never hear of Abigail before, boy are you doing something wrong.
For your information, Mac was born on June 2, 1988, in Columbia, Maryland. That’s that, now go out on the hunt to see the amazingness of Abigail Mac.


Ella Knox

ella knox
Ella Knox might be new to the Smut world, however, she already made a name for herself. With that in mind, you better rush checking out this Latina bombshell in action, enjoying pussies and cocks to the fullest. The one specialty about Ella Knox is the amazing bush she sports. That said, if you like babes with bush, you will enjoy watching Ella do what she does best even more. In her spare time, Ella enjoys flipping through a book and playing her favorite video games after she puts on a vinyl record. Do you know where her slightly curvy body comes from? From her big passion and love for pizza!


Kira Noir

kira noir
Lately, Kira Noir is my all-time favorite. This smoking hot brunette pornstar is a pack full of goodies. Her body might be skinny and her boobs small, but her enthusiasm for fucking goes through the roof. Kira entered the porn industry back in 2015 with one aim: to try it all!
From getting her asshole destroyed by a large dick to enjoying a sensual lesbian scene, there is no stopping for young and outstanding Kira Noir. Even when it comes to BDSM and bondage, Kira goes all in, testing herself out to see what her limits are. And she surely did not find her limits yet. You can expect a lot more wickedness from Kira in the near future.


Lisa Ann

lisa ann brunette pornstar
There are a lot of words that you can use to describe Lisa Ann and one of those is phenomenal. This brunette pornstar has gone from being an exotic dancer to one of the most searched adult actresses in the world. Looking at her, it’s easy to see why Lisa has so many fans going crazy over her. She first became famous when she parodied Sarah Palin. That allowed her to gather enough attention that she was featured in the mainstream media. When the initial fanfare fizzled out, Lisa’s natural charm allowed her to stay in the limelight. Lisa has a nice bubble but and flawless complexion that continues to be a fan favorite.


Natalie Brooks

natalie brooks brunette pornstar
Pretty much since the time she kinda knew what for she has her flower, Natalie Brooks knew that the adult entertainment industry is what she needs to get herself into. As soon as Natalie turned eighteen years old, she reached out to an agency and the rest was history. Her sexual vibes persuade them in an instant and shortly after, Natalie Brooks was booked for her first porn scene. This brunette pornstar was born on November 18, 1997, in Miami, Florida. Natalie rocks a pair of small and pierced boobs, slender body with a round rack that was meant for bouncing up and down a thick, long cock. Do not miss this youngster!


Emily Addison

emily addison brunette pornstar
Born on May 31, 1986, Emily Addison is a smoking hot, horny and seductive pornstar with lovely brunette hair. But what will amaze you the most about Emily are her crazy sexy looks. Still, to take it to a whole new level, watch and enjoy any of Emily Addison’s vivid XXX scenes and you will be hooked immediately. Plus, with each new porn scene, Emily releases, expect to be blown away just as you were the last time. Needless to say, Emily never disappoints! Her strong sex appeal never stops, not even for a slight bit. Emily Addison goes full-tilt all the time, enjoying fucking both ladies and guys.


Paige Turnah

paige turnah brunette pornstar
Paige Turnah is actually more of a head turner. This brunette pornstar is a real stunner. She was once a professional flight supervisor but thankfully she started doing big butt porn in Britain and so now, we get to enjoy seeing her being fucked by big cocks, in which she’s also a pro. She enjoys sex with a passion and that’s one of the reasons why she switched over to making adult films. When she’s not shooting her XXX scenes, Paige is busy doing wifey stuff like cooking and cleaning. She takes her time to warm up to anyone but when she does, she goes all the way.


Keisha Grey

keisha grey brunette pornstar
If you’re looking for a really horny brunette pornstar then you should check Keisha Grey out. She’s horny all the time and that includes the days when she is not shooting scenes, so you know that Keisha’s pussy is never satisfied. Keisha has always dreamed of becoming a pornstar but she’s surprised at how far she’s gone. A real fan favorite, Keisha has also collected loads of nominations for her scenes. Perhaps the highlight of her career was her back-to-back win in 2016 and 2017 for the Best Group Sex Scene from AVN. When she’s not shooting adult movies or playing with her pussy, Keisha loves making music with her cello.


Aidra Fox

aidra fox brunette pornstar
Aidra Fox is one of the leading brunette pornstars in the adult film industry today. She started pleasing fans by doing personal shows in front of a webcam. Thankfully, Aidra was discovered by an agent and she has become one of the hottest names in the industry since making that transition. When she’s not doing pornography, Aidra Fox loves going out with her friends, but she could also just spend the whole day watching a movie or fooling around with her vibrator. When you see Aidra biting down on her lower lip, that’s a sure sign that she’s getting turned on and that her pussy is ready to be fucked.


Dana DeArmond

dana dearmond brunette pornstar
“The internet’s girlfriend”, that’s the title that Dana DeArmond has given herself. That’s because she has maintained a presence on social media platforms before that was considered to be cool. On top of having an active online presence, this brunette pornstar is also known for pushing the boundaries of what the body can do. Dana fucks harder, longer, and deeper. She takes in more dicks in her pussy and all other holes. It’s not surprising that she has won recognition for her performance. She won the Best Girl/Girl Scene from AVN in 2012. DeArmond credits her passionate performance to her insatiable love for sex.


Adriana Chechik

adriana chechikbrunette pornstar
When you rank all the brunette pornstars out there today, Adriana Chechik would be at the top. Amazingly enough, she has not been performing for that long and yet she has managed to gather a huge following already. This beauty from Pennsylvania has perky boobs and a tight butt. Surprisingly enough, becoming a pornstar was not a part of her plans. She was actually studying biochemistry in college. Adriana first tried stripping, which then led to making porn films. She managed to get a great deal of attention right away. During her first year alone, Adriana made over 100 scenes already. Talk about a hardworking girl!


Ariella Ferrera

ariella ferrera brunette pornstar
As a newcomer in the industry, Ariella Ferrera gave an interview back in 2009 where she said that she would quit if she stopped having fun. Well, guess what? Ariella is still here and is now one of the most recognizable brunette pornstars today. When watching her scenes, it is quite obvious that this former dental hygienist loves fucking. It’s quite a sight to see her juicy tits bouncing while she’s being fucked by different guys. As if that’s not enough, Ariella loves to have fun with the ladies too. Hopefully, Ariella would continue to have fun being fucked in front of the camera.


Madison Ivy

madison ivy brunette pornstar
How does Madison Ivy begin her day? Ideally, she likes to have a fat and long cock sliding in and out of her pussy to get her started. This brunette pornstar was born in Germany and then raised in Texas. Amazingly, she was homeschooled and when she started making porn, after turning 18, it was unleashing her pent-up sexual energy. Standing at 4’11” Madison is a really tiny powerhouse. Don’t let her small stature fool you though. She can take in the biggest of cocks roughly. With her blue eyes, stunning face, tight body, Madison has fucked her way to the hearts of legions of fans.


Peta Jensen

peta jensen brunette pornstar
Peta Jensen has stunning almond eyes that literally pierce through you. Of course, that is not the first thing that you would notice about this tantalizing brunette pornstar. Her tits would probably catch your attention, too. Peta has magnificently huge boobs and they go bouncing deliciously whenever she’s being fucked for a scene. You know that she’s serious about staying fit and you can see that through her tight body. She’s also quite serious about doing well with each and every scene that she does. No doubt! Whether Peta is eating a pussy out or being fucked by a huge dick, you know that she’s giving her all.


Katrina Jade

katrina jade brunette pornstar
Are you looking for a brunette pornstar with a perfect all-natural body covered in tattoos? Then you should check out Katrina Jade if you’re not familiar with her yet. She has smooth olive skin combined with chestnut eyes that are tantalizing to look at. Then there are her all-natural big tits. She is an unforgettable mix of Italian, Mexican, and Hawaiian blood. Any man would want to spend some time with her in the bed. She takes her love for sex in real life. Katrina is in a relationship with a guy who loves watching her get fucked by other guys. What more could you ask for?


Jessica Jaymes

jessica jaymes brunette pornstar
Jessica Jaymes has that combination of having a stunning body and a powerful intellect. This Alaska native was born to a French mom and Czech dad. She went to college and Jessica even started teaching kids in high school and elementary. There must have been a lot of high school boys in her class fantasizing about her at the end of the school day. Thankfully, she decided that she would have more fun being fucked by different men in front of the camera. She’s one of the few pornstars who have made the cross-over to mainstream media. Though Jessica is not yet a household name, fans all over the world are jerking off to her as one of the top brunette pornstars today.


Riley Reid

riley reid brunette pornstar
Riley Reid started out early. She kicked off doing porn films when she turned 19. Today, she’s the favorite brunette pornstar of many porn aficionados around the world. It’s easy to see why so many are going crazy over this fresh-faced sex nymphet. She’s cute and naughty and when you first see Riley, you find her adorable. But when you see her in one of her videos you will be left breathless. Riley has a good girl vibe around her, but she drops it once she gets a cock in front of her. She’s ready and willing to do some the raunchiest scenes you can imagine.


Angela White

angela white brunette pornstar
Angela White has a reputation for being one of the most outspoken voices in the adult film industry. She’s a university graduate who has made it her personal mission to speak for the right of the workers in the adult film industry. She’s actually using her real name as a way of fighting for the rights of the people in the industry. Angela is a curvy pornstar who wants to end the discrimination that they are getting. Her advocacy does not get in the way of enjoying her job. Fans love her juicy tits and nice ass making her a favorite brunette pornstar. She’s an industry veteran who is beloved fans and her fellow pornstars.


Lana Rhoades

lana rhoades brunette pornstar
Lana Rhoades is a real slut and she’s proud of it. If you follow her on social media, her posts alone would be enough to make your dick hard. Raised in Wisconsin, this country gal has that girl next door charm but don’t be deceived by that. Lana moved to Chicago where she started stripping and then moved on to Los Angeles where she started getting fucked for a living. Her stunning blue eyes and 34D tits offer a stunning combination to her fans. They love watching her enthusiastic riding of cocks. That’s why Lana Rhoades is one of the up and coming brunette pornstars today.


Aletta Ocean

aletta ocean brunette pornstar
It’s said that Aletta Ocean decided to do porn to get back at a guy that she was dating. Thanks to that jerk, we now have one of the hottest pornstars today to enjoy. Some say that she’s the sexiest woman in the world. With her massive tits, bouncy butt, perfectly seductive face, and smooth skin, she really has a shot for the title. Though she might not have been serious when she first started doing porn, she enjoyed the job and so she stayed on and is now a leading name in the industry and hopefully, she will continue making scenes that make men cum all over the world.


Ava Addams

ava addams brunette pornstar
Ava Adams has massive, jaw-dropping tits, that is a fact. That would be the first thing that you would notice with this brunette pornstar. But Ava is not just about her tits. Fans love her because of her passionate performance in her dirty scenes. That is why she has been the talk of the industry for over a decade now. You know that she’s not just acting when she’s getting fucked in front of the camera. She’s doing it for real. She orgasms on each and every one of her scenes. That’s why men get excited right away, the moment that they see she has a new video out.


Chanel Preston

chanel preston brunette pornstar
The winner of the 2014 AVN Most Outrageous Sex Scene Award, Chanel loves to push the envelope of porn. She’s willing to do things that other brunette pornstars would not even consider trying. Chanel is ready to do bondage scenes and getting gangbanged by a group of BBCs. She’s actually taken some of the biggest cocks in the industry today up her ass. In other words, Chanel is ready and willing to do anything to gain stardom. With her perfect face, flawless skin, and awesome body, she’s well on her way to achieving that. When you start watching a video that stars Chanel, get ready to cum multiple times.


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14 Pubic Hairstyles For Women [Infographic]

These pubic hairstyles for women are a must try!

pubic hairstyles for women



Simply copy and paste the code below:

<a href="" target="_blank"> <img border="0" alt="14 Pubic Hairstyles For Women [Infographic]" src="" width="700" height="2713"></a><br/><span style="font-size: 12px;"> <a href="">View Full Version</a> (via <a href=""><a/>)</span>


Ladies, if you would like to impress your boys, you better check these popular and not so well known pubic hairstyle for women. I bet you will want to try some out almost instantly. On the other hand, I am quite sure that you already tried all sorts of different stuff on yourself.

Wanna share what worked best on you?

With things like pubic hair, you can experiment as much as you want. Let’s face it, it grows back super quickly, and you can always go bald. In short, you can never mess things up.

Without further ado, take action now and enjoy the outcome. Your boyfriend or your lower will definitely get excited through the roof.

1. Heart

If you are a fresh couple, this one comes super handy. Or if you just randomly want to let him know how much you love him, turn your bush into a heart.

2. Leaf

You do not really need to be eco-friendly to turn your pubic hair into a leaf. Do it for whatever reason you have.

3. Mega bush

Well, you do not really need to do much when it comes to the mega bush. In fact, you can even use a serum to make it extreme.

4. Baldy

Just pick a razor and go bald AKA shave yourself completely.

5. Long strip

Instead of the classic, short strip, go the extra mile and sport a long string.

6. Arrow

If he is always lost, show him where to find your jewels.

7. Superman

Whether you are a big fan of Superman or he is your Superman, trim your bush in the shape of a Superman logo.

8. Batman

Similarly to the previous one, one clever way to cut your pubic hair is in the shape of a Batman.

9. Christmas tree

Maybe Christmas came early for you two, or it actually is Christmas Eve, if you plan to spend some intimate moments with your loved one, Christmas tree is a nifty pubic hairstyle to go with.

10. Rainbow

A rainbow always brings a big smile to everyone’s face. However, to take it a step further, go with a rainbow hairstyle down under and make sure to examine his facial expressions.

11. Smiley

If a long, rough and stressful week is behind him, a smiley always cheers everyone up. Dress sexy, turn your bush into a smiley and call it a day.

12. Hitler

See infographic.

13. Happy meal

Do you know what is happier than a happy meal? A man with his face buried deep into a McDonald’s-shapped-pubic-hair pussy. Bon appetite.

14. VP

Since you know damn well how much he enjoys skimming through vPorn daily, surprise him with something special, something unexpected. Indeed, pick up a pair of scissors and a razor and trim yourself in the shape of a VP logo.

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9 Best, Sexiest Czech Pornstars 2019

If you are ready for a dose of smoking hot babes, these Czech pornstars are here to please all your desires.

We all know how much you like Europornstars, so it was about time for us to take things a step further an bring you a list of the best adult actresses from Czech.

It is no secret that there is a lot of talent from the Czech Republic, both male and female. I am not sure what is in the air there; however, all the babes look absolutely gorgeous. Whether she is in the game for years or a fresh face, it just seems that the Czech Republic has some of the sexiest women on the globe.

Or maybe it is just me? Well, let’s talk more about the babes in the comment sections below.

Only the best Czech pornstars for your dirty desires

That’s that, let’s now all enjoy in some heat that comes straight from central Europe. One thing is for sure, you will enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Lexi Dona

lexi dona
Do ladies from Europe turn you on? If so, then you are going to be a fan of Lexi Dona. Lexi is a Virgo, but she certainly is not a virgin, not by a longshot. Born in the Czech Republic in 1992, Lexi has brown eyes and black hair. Lexi often shoots scenes with Jason X, her boyfriend. While they are a sexy porn couple, that popularity is mostly because of Lexi, her looks, and her hot body. She really is one of the main reasons why Czech pornstars are quite popular today. So, what are you waiting for? Watch some of her videos now.


Alexis Crystal

alexis crystal
Born in the Czech Republic, Alexis Crystal is arguably one of the top pornstars from the Czech Republic working in the Smut industry today. Alexis is 5 feet 6 inches tall and is a natural performer, which is why she has gained so many fans around the world today. Shortly after turning 18 in 2011, Alexis started performing. She got a lot of attention right away because she is fresh-faced and open-minded. Alexis’ willing to do niche scenes like fisting and pissing, which drives so many guys crazy. She also admits that she loves doing anal scenes. When she first did an anal scene, she came a few minutes after her co-star started fingering her ass.


Lady Dee

lady dee
Do you like your Czech pornstars to be cute and flexible? Then you will be a fan of Lady Dee. She has a lot of screen names, so you might not know her as Lady Dee. But whatever name she is using when shooting a scene, you can bet that Lady Dee is into it. Whether she is eating another girl’s pussy or getting fucked by nine-inch long dick, Lady Dee loves to give her all. She is pumping out a great deal of videos every year and, hopefully, she will be doing a lot more, so her fans can get to enjoy more of her tight body and nice-looking pussy.


Angel Wicky

angel wicky
Angel Wicky has a very curvy body, which is just one of the reasons why she has so many fans all over the world. Thankfully, Angel is also an exhibitionist, and that has caused her to be one of the leading Czech pornstars today. She is super-horny, and she gets super-wet just thinking about all the dicks that get hard when seeing her naked body and the fans all over the world who masturbate to her XXX videos all the time. For Angel, porn is not just about performing – it is a lifestyle. She loves sex so much that she feels privileged while being fucked by the biggest dicks available.


Lucie Wilde

lucie wilde
Are you a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? If you are, then you would love Lucie Wilde because she looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar. Some would say that Lucie is even better than Sarah because she has massive boobs. She has 32G tits that are absolutely huge tits. Those breasts and not fake at all. Lucie’s all-natural. Born in 1996, Lucie is just one of the adult entertainers who have invaded the porn industry today. Because of her large tits, you could get the impression that she is on the chubby side, but she’s not. She only weighs 120 lbs. and so, you know most of her weight is in her boobs.


Vanessa Decker

vanessa decker
Looking like a taller version of Mila Kunis, Vanessa Decker has been getting a lot of attention even before she started doing porn. She began working as a personal trainer, but after a friend told her that she could earn a lot of money with her body, she dived into it. Vanessa is part of the Czech pornstar invasion that has taken hold of the industry today. Vanessa is a nymphomaniac, and she is into some really kinky stuff, like BDSM and gangbangs. If your fantasy is a Czech who is super-horny, then you would really love Vanessa Decker. You can join her legion of fans.


Little Caprice

little caprice
Thankfully for us, Little Caprice chose not to stick to modeling because with her looks and her body, she can certainly do that and make a good career out of it. Instead, she chose to do adult videos, and porn fans all over the world are celebrating. Little Caprice is one of the bombshell pornstars who has turned the porn industry upside down. Little Caprice is absolutely gorgeous, and you are sure to go crazy when you see her going naked in one of her scenes. There is little surprise that she has gathered a huge following from fans all over the world.


Lynna Nilsson

lynna nilsson
A Swedish/Czech bombshell, Lynna Nilsson has a real talent for keeping dicks hard. Lynna started out as a topless DJ, but dishing out sick beats while showing off her nice tits was not enough for this slut. So, she started doing videos for the American porn industry, like so many other Czech pornstars. When it comes to her career as a pornstar, Lynna has set her goals already. She plans on winning as many AVN awards as she can before stops doing porn movies. With her looks and her talent for fucking, she is well on her way to achieving her goal.


Mea Melone

mea melone
If you love brunettes, then you will love Mea Melone. This Czech pornstar brings in a great deal of personality when she is performing. She loves doing all kinds of positions whenever she is being fucked. Before she became a recognized porno-slut, Mea was just a regular Czech, a really hot one, but still a normal girl. Then she decided that having sex while in front of cameras would be an awesome career move. Mea got some nude photos of herself taken and she automatically caught the attention of horny guys all over the world. Now, she’s doing scenes regularly, and dicks are happy.


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Hottie of the week – Kayla DeLancey

Let’s get this rainy Monday going strong with the heat from the one and only, Kayla DeLancey. It is the first time in the history of vPorn blog that we bring you two Hotties of the week in a row. Anyone complaining? Of course not!

Also, I believe this is the first time ever that we are crowning an avid video gamer our Hottie of the week.

FYI, we already heard of different pornstars speaking about their favorite video games.

Today, it is all about the amazing blonde with slender body physique, Kayla. What I particularly like about Kayla is her daring personality. Especially when she wears thongs in exotic locations!

Young and adorable Kayla DeLancey was born on June 12, 1991, in Florida. She is famous for streaming video games, two times a week, live on Twitch. Now you know where you can see this sexy babe. Not only that, but you can also find her on YouTube, doing what she does best.

For your information, Kayla began playing video games at a very early age. You know who her inspiration was? No other than her mother! However, Kayla only got more and more serious about gaming when in high school.

Along with doing the video gaming stuff, Kayla DeLancey is also a model who already worked with all sorts of different brands, like Arnhem, Sabo Skirt and Swimmia amongst many others.

What’s more, Kayla is also very good at taking selfies. After all, she keeps on posting a ton of them, no wonder why she got so experienced at it. Kayla also enjoys tasty breakfast bowls, beer and warm, sunny days.

If you are ready for a smoking hot video gamer, Kayla DeLancey, you better keep on scrolling and enjoy all the sexy Instagram images we have in store for you.

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Hottie of the week – Nicole Haglund

Sweden might be cold weather-wise but exceptionally hot girl-wise. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please, do yourself a favor and examine Nicole Haglund in great detail. You will immediately know what I am talking about. This young lady sure is to die for. With her intense body physique, your Friday will get a lot more pleasant.

If you are sick and tired of the whole week, enter the weekend with style and enjoy yourself some Nicole hotness. She will surely not disappoint you. First, we will check some of the sexy images here and then I encourage you to head over to Nicole’s Instagram profile and give her a follow. With the regular updates, she will keep you excited forever.

What everyone immediately notices is the athletic frame, Nicole Haglund has. Needless to say, she sure is very into fitness, working out and keeping that body in shape. For your information, Nicole is a personal trainer who you can actually hire to get you toned.

However, I bet we would have a problem. I mean, how can you even focus on the exercises when you have such a smoking hot and inviting lady demonstrating them? I know I would have a hard time concentrating. But you might be different.

Moreover, Nicole Haglund likes to travel the world, visiting warm and sunny places, like Marbella, Spain, Greece and Los Angeles. If you are wondering how a hot day can get even hotter, here is the answer: Nicole.

I could be checking out Nicole’s ass for several hours straight and think only a few minutes passed. That’s how insanely gorgeous that bum is. But her boobs, her legs and her belly are very appealing to the eye, too. Now go ahead, enjoy yourself experiencing Nicole Haglund and make a difference.

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Top 18 Hottest Blonde Pornstars 2019

We bring you only the best, the hottest and the most outstanding blonde pornstars that have ever lived. Some are fresher to the game while all the others are true adult industry veterans.

In short, all are worth mentioning and putting some extra shine one. They absolutely deserve it!

In the porn world, this is somewhat of a stereotype: blonde hair, big boobs, round ass, skinny legs and a big passion for sex. Similar to a barbie just slightly more perverted if you will.

It is a pure pleasure to share with you all these hot babes with blonde hair.

Moreover, if you would like to enjoy these blondes in action, you know that you can find them all on Also, do not miss following them on Instagram and Twitter for a daily dose of amazingness and sexiness, delivered straight to your screens.

From first to the very last, they are all always down for one thing and one thing only; to get the juice flowing and all your nasty desires fulfilled.

The best blonde pornstars to fulfill your desires

Brandi Love

brandi love
There is pretty much no gentleman or lady out there who is not familiar with Brandi Love. This blonde pornstar is in the game for a very very long time, debuting back in 2007. Over the years, Brandi has done it almost all. Nowadays, she is one of the hottest MILFs in the business, destroying every cock and young pussy that she comes across. And no one surely is complaining. Brandi is always ready to get the action going strong in front of the lense, pleasing all her fans’ dirtiest desires. Have in mind, Brandi Love was born on March 29, 1973, and it seems she keeps on looking better and better.


Carolina Sweets

carolina sweets
Carolina Sweets might be relatively fresh to the adult entertainment industry. However, her passion for fucking and throwing down epic porn performances quickly boost her fame, making her one of the most popular blonde pornstars. For your information, Carolina started as a cam girl before she decided to get dirty and sweet in the Smut world back in 2016. Her petite, all-natural frame is, undoubtedly, to die for. And when she rides a throbbing shaft with her dripping wet pussy, your juices start exploding. If you are ready for some kinky fun with the adorable Carolina Sweets, go out there and search for her name – indeed, for science.


Kenzie Reeves

kenzie reeves
Young and cute Kenzie Reeves is new to the porn business but already making moves. With her insanely hot and toned body, you know immediately that she will drive you crazy when in the company of another sexy lady or a muscular stud. Even with her solo performances!
Needless to say, Kenzie always gives it her best, to throw down an unforgettable and fulfilling show each and every single time. No doubt why she became one of the most popular porn superstars in a relatively short time. That said, there is only a bright future ahead of her. Kenzie was born on July 7, 1997, in New Hampshire and she is only 4’10” tall and weighs 86 lb. With such a tiny body physique, all the cocks she faces look even bigger than they already are.


Elsa Jean

elsa jean
When you see Elsa Jean for the first time, you could end up thinking that she’s a sex doll come to life. With her green eyes, perfectly beautiful face and smooth pale skin, she seems to have been conjured as the perfect fuck doll in some pervert’s fantasy. This adorable princess is one of the top blonde porn superstars today. She might look like an innocent and sweet girl, but Elsa is quite naughty. Elsa knows how to turn on guys and make their dicks rock-hard. She likes nothing better than to be fucked by older dudes and see them moan with pleasure while she’s sucking their cocks.


Jessa Rhodes

jessa rhodes
Are you looking for a blonde pornstar with the perfect ass? Then you should check out the videos of Jessa Rhodes. She has an awesome butt that you could stare at all day long. To see her bubble butt bouncing, as she is being fucked by a monster cock is a real delight. She loves living the glamorous lifestyle of a pornstar and partying all the time with her friends. Of course, partying also means getting to fuck hot guys all the time. Whether she is having sex in front of camera or in private, Jessa loves to lose herself in the moment.


Brett Rossi

brett rossi
Brett Rossi has received numerous recognitions from the adult film industry. She was Twistys Treat of the Month back in November 2011 and for December 2011, she was the Playboy Cyber Girl. Those recognitions are just some of the signs that Brett’s popularity is on the rise and that she’s one of the leading pornstars with blonde hair fucking in the industry today. Before working in the porn business, Brett was mattress salesgirl. She must have received a lot of offers from customers to test out the mattresses in their homes. Happily, she realized that she has the looks to make it big in porn. Brett is normally more interested in the ladies, but if you are super-manly, then you might catch her attention.


Blanche Bradburry

blanche bradburry
Blanche Bradburry was born in the Czech Republic in 1988. This self-confessed sexual deviant and nymphomaniac is one of the top blonde pornstars today. Blanche got her start in doing adult stuff by being a webcam girl. That was back in 2009 and it did not take long for her pussy to get noticed enough for her to be offered to do adult films. Since then, she has had all of her holes fucked in front of cameras to the delight of her fans all over the world. Blanche has piercing blue eyes and massive butt that is an invitation for fucking. That’s how awesome she is.


Nicole Aniston

nicole aniston
Nicole Aniston is a fitness fanatic and is obsessed about healthy living and it shows through her body. She’s a vegan and so, the only meat that she puts into her mouth are the massive dicks of her costars when she’s shooting scenes. Nicole started doing adult films back in 2010 and it seems like she’s done it all, from doing girl-to-girl scenes to threesomes. This blonde pornstar has been fucked in all kinds of places and scenarios that the most perverted fan can come up with. When she’s not shooting adults scenes, Nicole is sharing tips and ideas to her fans about the vegan diet and healthy eating in general.


Lexi Belle

lexi belle
Lexi Belle is not your typical blonde adult actress. She loves snowboarding and she’s a huge Star Wars fan. Don’t be fooled by that geeky background because Lexi is as raunchy as a girl can get. She was initially recruited from social media. Back then she was totally unfamiliar with porn. In fact, she didn’t know that much about sex at all. The first time that she gave a blowjob was during her first adult scene. Since then, Lexi has learned a lot and has fucked a lot too. She’s an expert now when it comes to sucking and fucking cocks. She has since then won numerous awards.


Mia Malkova

mia malkova
Mia Malkova is the quintessential California babe. She loves going to parties and having fun. She also loves to fuck. That’s the reason why she got into the adult film industry in the first place. Being one of the hottest blonde pornstars in the industry allows her to have fun and have sex all the time. One of the amazing things about Mia is that she’s a gymnast who can bend and contort her body into all sorts of positions. Men have been going crazy imagining her contorting her body. Since her debut in the industry back in 2012, Mia has fucked and twisted her way to the top.


Alex Grey

alex grey
With her log blonde hair, beautiful eyes and smooth skin, Alex Grey looks like a sweet and very pretty girl next door. Don’t be tricked by her appearance though because Alex Grey didn’t earn her spot as one of the blondes in porn today by being sweet and cutesy. This petite beauty has done some very kinky and raunchy scenes. She might look like small and delicate, but Alex has proven that she can handle the biggest cocks out there with ease. Alex started doing adult videos in 2015 and hopefully, she will be doing a lot more scenes that her fans can enjoy in the years to come.


Samantha Saint

samantha saint
If you’re looking for a blonde pornstar with the most gorgeous looking pair of boobs today, then you need to checkout Samantha Saint. She knows how to use her assets best, which is why she emphasizes them whenever she does a scene. With her classical good looks and a passionate energy when doing scenes, Samantha has managed to gather fans all over the world. When Samantha first started doing adult videos, she did solo and girl on girl scenes, but a girl as horny as she is just bound to get some hard and long dicks stuffed into her pussy in front of the camera too.


Alexis Texas

alexis texas
Alexis Texas has a huge ass that can make any man’s dick hard. Born in Texas, Alexis is your all-American girl. She loves to party and to have fun. That includes having sex and sampling as many dicks as she can. As one of the leading big butt models and blonde pornstars working out there today, you need to see her in action. Alexis shows a genuine enthusiasm when she gets rammed in front of the camera. She’s quite popular that the mainstream media is taking notice of her, too. Alexis was recently featured in a music video with the leading rappers.


Natalia Starr

natalia starr
Natalia Starr grew up in Poland. She followed her big sister to the United States in order to pursue her dreams. Natalia knew that she has the looks, which is why she lost no time and started doing porn right away. Natalia has managed to find success as she is one of the most recognized blonde pornstars right now. There is another motivation for Natalia to do porn. She loves huge cocks and by doing porn, she manages to have her pussy stuffed with the most massive dicks to her heart’s delight. This Euro-teaser really knows how to tease and please.


Karla Kush

karla kush
Karla Kush seems like she’s a really cool girl to hang around with. Creative, funny and smart, she is the sort of girl that you could introduce to your folks. Not many blondes today have that sort of vibe to them but don’t let that mislead you though. She can suck and fuck you until your ball runs dry. Karla started working as a babysitter and she must have fueled some nanny fantasies with her clients back then. It’s a good thing that she decided to get herself involved int he adult industry. Now, Karla is fueling the sex fantasies of guys on a global scale.


Angelika Grays

angelika grays
Angelika Grays is a bombshell from Ukraine. She is one of the most promising blonde pornstars working in the industry today. She just started doing adult videos in 2018 and hopefully, she would be staying for a long time to make dicks hard again and again. With blue eyes and long blonde hair, Angelika can fulfill the blonde goddess fantasy of most guys. She has an amazing body that looks really good when her pussy and asshole slide up and down a thick shaft. What’s amazing is that there is nothing fake on her body. She’s all 100% natural, even the way that she moans when she’s being fucked.


Nicolette Shea

nicolette shea
With a beautiful face, massive fake tits and huge thighs, Nicolette Shea seems like the fuck goddess that many sex-starved guys are fantasizing about. She used to play poker as a profession and she placed her opponents at a disadvantage because they got distracted by her looks. It was just a matter of time before she got noticed and was offered a chance to do adult films. Now, Nicolette is recognized as a leading blonde pornstar and she’s ready to fuck her way to stardom. You can bet that this girl is not bluffing at all and she’s willing to get down and dirty.


AJ Applegate

aj applegate
AJ Applegate has a combination of bodily assets that can make the jaws of many men drop. She has stunning blue eyes, massive tits, beautiful blonde hair and a sexy figure. It’s not surprising that AJ is the favorite blonde pornstar of so many porn aficionados today. Before doing porn, AJ Applegate was a dancer. She developed her dancing skills with intensive training while she was still a teen. Now, her agility and flexibility come in handy when she enjoys rough fucking in front of cameras to please guys and gals. In the few years that she has been doing videos, AJ has managed to create a name for herself in the industry.


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Brutal Teen Casting For Young Kacey Quinn

Is there ever enough brutal teen casting for one to experience?

This young teen is exactly where she wants to be in life. Or at least she thinks she is, but we are not here to judge anybody. Most certainly, we are not here to make them do something they don’t want to. We are just here to bring hot young girls a chance to get through a brutal teen casting and decide if they like it or not.

Lovely brunette Kacey is going to give it a try. As the little minx comes in and starts talking with us with that sweet voice and an amazing looking little blue dress, we couldn’t wonder just how far is this intriguing girl willing to go.

Not wasting time, we tie her up and start testing the limits of the lungs that this cutie possesses.

Sucking cock, gagging and getting slapped around starts a fire in the soul of little Kacey. Enjoy watching her, as her full mouth starts dripping saliva from the intense thrusts of his big cock.

There isn’t a prettier sight, seeing this brutal teen casting unfold, little Kacey tied up, mascara running down her face she is thrown on the couch waiting for a big cock to come and make her scream.

Bent over on all fours, she receives his big tool in her pulsating tight pussy. Needless to say, Kacey loves every second off it.

Looking like a damsel in distress with those eyes full of tears makes our guy outstandingly horny. He cannot help himself and starts impaling that sweet pussy more and more aggressively. Moans soon turn to screams of pleasure and pain, but mostly pleasure.

Being demolished by a hard knob of this size is a first for this small bundle of sexiness. By being a good girl he stops and lets her catch her breath for a brief period of time.

This brutal teen casting then continues at the same pace it stopped. The lucky guy keeps on slapping her ass making it bloody red. In combination with her white complexity makes it all look like a scene from a high budget movie.

But the only thing high budget here is the look on Kacey’s face while being spanked, tied-up and enjoying every second of this rough fun they are having.

Plowing her plump pussy lips from behind is the best way to show this lassie who is boss. By the looks of it, young Quinn is not having a problem accepting her new daddy and his role for the time being.

Demolishing her pussy with ease, the stud grabs her by the hair and puts his big cock right between her tight snatch; gagging her and making her face even darker from the spilled mascara.

On her knees, this black-haired fairy gets a mouthful of hard cock. With every rough motion, they are both slowly coming to an end to their limits.

Holding this lovely female’s hair while she sucks his massive member makes him unleash his huge load all over her face in exquisite fashion. These are the kinds of things that tell you exactly why brutal teen castings are one of a kind.

Make sure you do not miss watching the full scene now.

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Orgy At The Disco – vPorn blog

Among the many reasons for my eternal appreciation of vintage porn, two stand out. First, when they shot a movie or made a magazine spread “back in the day” there was enough money and effort at stake that some real professionalism went into figuring out plots and doing up costumes. I like a bit of story with my porn! And so I’m a sucker for stuff like this:

disco desire orgy party porn spread

Disco Desire tells the story of a man and his wife who like a bit of sexual adventure. But rather than going to swinger parties with the other oldsters in their suburb, they have a better idea. See, they own a disco, with lots of cute hot athletic employees. Why not just have an after-hours party for the staff, and make sure to pour plenty of expensive champagne?

the best way to have a disco orgy is to get everybody drunk

The other attractive feature of vintage porn is that, having scripted a scenario and gotten everybody dressed up, pornographers weren’t afraid to publish multiple establishing shots before hitting us with the fucky and sucky. Which is how we get three whole photographs of the disco orgy setup before anybody even gets naked. A drunken toast to the owners, all you sexy peasants!

a toast to the owners of this disco

Eventually everybody’s relaxed enough, thanks to the free champagne, for the true purpose of the gathering to start to unfold:

disco queen sucking dick

That young man getting his dick sucked? If he wasn’t in love before the orgy started, he surely is now! In fact, I think he’s been struck by a bad case of it:

the young man is in love

I do hope he’s not the jealous type, though. This orgy is not for forming monogamous pair bonds! In fact, as soon as he gets his ebony beauty completely naked and down on the floor, she beckons over the barman so she’ll have something fun to do with her hands and mouth.

the disco orgy gets rolling

Note the owner’s wife, watching from nearer than she needs to be and clearly into it. She’s got a plan for the friendly girl on the floor, and all it takes to put into practice is a meaningful searching look:

meaningful glance: let's get this threesome going

Boom! She has a new friend, I think. Fortunately, her husband and the big boss of this whole shindig won’t mind whatever she does. After all, this orgy party was his idea in the first place, and why else did he serve all those gallons of bubbly booze? As long as he gets to watch, he’s cool:

man watches while his wife has lesbian fun

It remains the case that an orgy is no place for pairing off. I mean, if you wanted to experience multiple pairs of people fucking in the same room, you always had that option of attending a suburban swingers party. No, a proper orgy offers sex in novel configurations. So, the current attendees being sufficiently willing and adventurous, why not start by getting all those pussies lined up for sampling and comparison?

three bent over pussies

The boss is definitely into that! In fact, the dude seems excessively enthusiastic about being helpful, in a very hands-on kind of way, as the barman works his way down the line of ready pussy:

a helpful boss spreads and separates employee ass cheeks

Indeed, it strikes me that the barman is having a particularly good night. Even back in the disco era, it probably wasn’t every night that a man could see rows of naked dance hall girls lined up on their knees for a turn at sucking his dick:

disco orgy three blowjobs

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Lesbians And Their Strap-Ons – vPorn blog

People have been making dildos for at least thirty thousand years. We have Greek literature from 2300 years ago that features women going in a group to shop for them. We don’t know precisely when women starting strapping dildos to their crotches to enjoy penetrative sex without a man, but my guess would be that it happened many thousands of years ago. This is an ancient pleasure technology!

a lesbian smiles into her drawer full of strap-on dildos

I myself first encountered the idea of lesbian strap-on dildo sex in My Secret Garden, which was an eye-opening 1973 book of sexual fantasies that author Nancy Friday collected by doing lots of anthropological-style interviews. Apparently it’s hard to talk about sexual fantasies without also disclosing more than a little about your actual sexual practices. I say this because My Secret Garden is full of women describing what they were doing in bed in those days, as a sort of context for talking about their sexual fantasies. Here’s a self-described butch lesbian named Marion, talking about how she uses her strap-on dildo:

I have a kind of strap. It goes around my waist and up over my shoulders, crossing in the back and then down under my ass and coming back up to the belt again. I had a sandal-maker make it for me. So the dildo is really anchored right down low and in place. I mean, it’s rigid.

Look, you talk to any guy, and the first thing he wants to know, Has he made the girl come? That’s their mark of virility. That’s what they’re anxious about. But me and my dildo, I can make any girl come, every time. It’s simple biology. Men have this business, they don’t even understand. To get deep inside. To plant the seed. That’s biology. Okay, I’m butch, I’m also a woman. I understand the clit. I don’t have that urge to go deep into a woman. Maybe I’m competitive with men. Or maybe I don’t want to just give in to biology. But I don’t care about going in deep. I know about myself and I never forget that the clit is where it’s at.

Notice that Marion had to design her own strap-on harness and then have it custom-made, in order to have the quality and function she wanted and needed. One thing that always amazes me in porn from that era is the primitive nature of the sex toys. They’re always badly designed and made out of hinky-looking plastics that must have been impossible to properly clean. The march of technology has been very kind to sex toy innovation!

lesbian gazes happily at another woman helping a third woman put on a strap-on

As a straight dude, I obviously don’t have much personal insight into actual lesbian sexual practices. Like they used to say back in my grandfather’s day, “All I know is what I saw in the funny papers.” Moreover, a thing I do know it that there’s distinct danger in taking any impressions from porn — modern or vintage — that was made for men. One of the things I love most about vintage porn is the insight it gives into the sexual practices and erotic notions of prior generations. But porn made for the male gaze is porn catering to male sexual fantasies about lesbians. How much overlap there might be with authentic lesbian experiences in the same era is uncertain at best.

lesbian three-way with strap-on sex

doggystyle strap-on lesbian dildo sex

To me, though, it doesn’t matter. Porn like this is interesting even if all it tells us is how men were fantasizing about lesbians in those days. The porn magazines they would buy and wank off to tells us a lot about that!

lesbian strap-on dildo threeway

lesbians fucking with a strap-on

It’s probably safe to say that lurid scenes of lesbian three-ways and overheated wall-to-wall sapphic orgies were mostly dreamed up by male pornographers looking to sell magazines. What little I do know (or imagine that I know) about lesbian sexuality is that lesbians are, if anything, slightly more sexually conservative than hetero couples. I’m not saying that triplets of horny lesbians aren’t a thing, I’m just saying they’re perhaps more infrequent than vintage “lesbian” porn magazines would lead have us believe.

close up of strap-on dildo sex

I have the notion, too, that lots of lesbians aren’t hugely interested in staging a perfect simulacrum of hetero penetrative sex. I’ve met more than a few who seem to view the lesbian lifestyle as liberation from dick, not an excuse to celebrate it. Even when they do strap on a dildo, they may — like Marion — “not care about going deep.” This creates anxiety for men who want to think women can’t live without dick, and that lesbians must miss it. I suspect that’s why we see so much male-made “lesbian” porn that puts “hot dildo action” at the center of the imagined lesbian experience. My suspicion is that, in reality, there’s somewhat less of it going on.

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13 Best And Free Veronica Avluv Porn Videos 2019

At any time you feel the need to enjoy yourself in some mature sex action, our free collection of Veronica Avluv porn videos will do the trick. At first glance, Veronica seems to be this glamour and super fancy woman who you cannot come close. However, she is a complete opposite.

It might just be that Veronica is one of the most down to earth babes in the industry. Whenever you get a chance to chat with her, it will feel like you know each other since forever.

milf bitch veronica avluv anal

After all, Veronica is a fan of Black Sabbath! I mean, isn’t every BS fan a cool person? As far as I am concerned, the answer is affirmative.

But Avluv is way more than just a pornstar and a fan of heavier music. In brief, she is a real lady who no one can compete with. Just in case you might be new to the pornstar, Veronica Avluv, you will soon find out why she is as popular as she is.

While the majority of girls enter adult entertainment business on their 18th birthday or soon after, Veronica came in the business quite late. It all happened in 2010 when she was 37 years old and it was with Jessi Palmer for Girlfriends Films. However, before the big plunge, Veronica already stripped in Dallas, starting at the age of 17. Indeed, with a fake ID! This was just something she wanted to do badly and could not wait until the day she turns 18.

veronica avluv triple penetration

After a big gap, Veronica Avluv finally entered the porn business. In the beginning, Avluv mainly shot girl-girl exclusive XXX videos. It was no sooner than at the age of 17 when she was with a girl for the first time.

After doing GG for some time, Veronica took a short hiatus before she went all in and began shooting BG scenes, too. From then on, she followed one simple rule, “sky is the limit.” Here porn repertoire grew above and beyond and Veronica became an unstoppable sex doll who was open for pretty much anything.

milf vreonica avluv sucks big cock

Telling you that Veronica did double vaginal and double anal and a whole bunch of mixtures of the two tells you enough. James Deen fisted her pussy and asshole once at the same time. Can you imagine? I know, it is hard to even fantasize about it. However, if your name is Veronica Avluv, everything is possible. Do I hear a “Yay” for triple anal? Well, Veronica did that, too. I tould you this lady is more than just an adult actress. She is a wonder woman.

In 2013, Veronica won XRCO’s MILF of the Year awards and in 2015, AVN’s Best Supporting Actress award. In between, Avluv was nominated many times for industry’s leading awards.

So far, nothing seems to be stopping Veronica Avluv from ending her Smut career any time soon. Instead, she keeps on going (and getting) stronger and stronger.

To stay up to date with what is going on with your new favorite MILF, Veronica, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

If you are late, only bad things will happen

Unfortunately, Adria Rae did not manage to get to Veronica’s place on time. She is super late, and that is not something Veronica Avluv is very excited about. When measuring Adria’s frame for a dress for a wedding, things get slightly out of control. This MILF slut is all about fucking young ladies’ brains out. When Rae needs to undress completely, she finally realizes what Veronica is up to. To finger fuck that young, fresh and juicy pussy like there would be no tomorrow. However, the two of them are soon both butt naked, pleasing each other. And, all of a sudden, Veronica pulls out a strap-on and bangs Adria to climax.

Are you ready to play a game of fuck with Veronica?

Whenever there is some fucking action involved, Veronica is always down for it. This nasty, perverted mature babe is hungry for sex toys, pussies and cocks all the time. It seems like she never has enough of it, and that is always a good thing. If you would like to have some fun with Veronica Avluv, you can have this very moment. By hitting the play button, this interactive porn video will do the trick. Watch Veronica get her pussyhole demolished by oh so many things. If you would like to see Avluv slobber all over the place, she will do that, too, once she gets her hands on that enormous shaft.

Intense outdoor threesome that will blow you away

When Veronica Avluv and Chanel Preston collide, things get super serious. Give her a tattooed stud on a sunny day, and they will take the performance to a whole new degree. Watch them kiss, eat each other out, blow a dong and get fucked as hard as they have been in a while. You know there is never enough of kinky action when Veronica and Chanel are in front of the lens. Also, it is always a guarantee that the XXX show will be mouthwatering all the time. Now get yourself involved and enjoy some wicked fucking madness between these three horny people.

Mature Lesbians Gets Fucked by Amateur Blonde

After a terrible mix up of the photographer, two extremely hot lesbians get into a fight over who will get their check paid. Being a professional herself, the lezdom Veronica Avluv decides to show this amateur blonde who is the boss around here. She licks her pussy and stuffs it with a purple dildo while the blonde bombshell Aaliyah Love screams for more. Once she completely drives her crazy the amateur girl is ready to do whatever it takes to please her Mistress. She puts on a big strap-on and fucks her Domina in her luscious pussy and ass until she cums hard.

Gorgeous Mature Babe Gets into Teen Threesome

When a ripped teen stud has problems with his sex life, he turns to his smoking hot stepmom for advice. It’s not hard to get better when you deal with the energetic bombshell Veronica Avluv. She has a body to die for and she can’t wait to show him her skills. It doesn’t go long before she engages into steaming hot threesome with him and his girlfriend. Both of them please his cock in ways that he can’t possibly imagine. The mature babe jerks off his dick and sucks on it hard until he sprays his jizz all over their pretty faces.

Sassy Stepmom Teaches a Teen How to Lick Pussy

The naughty teenage babe Cali Sparks walks into her stepmom’s room and sees her completely naked while playing with giant black dildo in front of her laptop. The second she sees the ravishing Veronica she gets undressed and starts playing with her shaved pussy. These two lustful babes enjoy playing with pink muffins and sex toys that make the busty stepmom scream for more. The nasty mature lesbian teaches her how to suck, lick, and kiss snatch, and the teen babe absolutely loves it. She gets so aroused that she squirts all over her stepdaughter while moaning and screaming out of pleasure.

Two Mature Lesbians Drill Each Other’s Holes

Being at a serious business meeting makes the kinky Veronica Avluv bored. Once she sees the sweet and sexy Julia Ann, she gets extremely excited. The mature babe with big tits takes her shoes off and shoves her foot in between blonde’s legs. After a little bit of flirting these two end up on the bathroom floor, completely naked, fingering each other’s juicy pussies and asses. The two busty mature sluts scream and moan out of delight while reaching one orgasm after another. The nasty mature lesbians don’t stop until they make both of their cock wallets swollen but satisfied.

Filthy Moms Enjoy Sharing a Stiff Dick

There is nothing more tempting than seeing three hot people engaging into a mind-blowing threesome. This time, the big-titted Veronica Avluv has some serious backup and she is having the best sex of her life. The absolutely amazing babe in fishnet stockings gets her pussy licked by naughty Megan Rain while Markus Dupree stuffs her butt with his big fat dick. All three of them scream and shout for more while fulfilling all of their kinky desires. These two nasty moms just love getting their holes filled with cock and it seems like they just can’t get enough of it.

Big Titted Mature Slut Veronica Avluv Slurps on Cock Hard

No one knows how to suck on cock better than the ravishing Veronica. This busty whore deep-throats a fat penis and shoves it so deep inside of her mouth that it makes her dizzy. She spits and licks that dick with so much passion and desire that it makes her crave for more. She spreads her legs and lets this horny stud to lick and finger her ass and pussy. Finally, both of them get so horny that he bends her over the counter, lifts her leg up, and inserts his hard dick deep inside of her dripping wet vagina.

Cock Loving Older Bitch Enjoys Pussy Fucking

The second you lay your eyes on the smoking hot Avluv you will definitely get horny, just like her stepson, Axel Aces, does. She teases him with her big tits and makes his big dick go hard. Veronica rides that firm cock so well that he just can’t wait to shove it deep inside of her. The second he eases that penis into her vagina, it makes Veronica scream and shout like crazy. The experienced brunette enjoys jumping on that cock while her tits are bouncing and smacking against each other in the air. The mature whore gets tit fucked by her jaw-dropping hot stud.

Naughty Mom and Daughter Lesbian Action

Veronica Avluv is a beautiful MILF slut, in a need for some new activities and pleasures to break the boring and monotonous sex life with her husband. It’s revealed that her daughter Katie is a lesbian, which reminds her that she was with a woman a very long time ago. She is eager to feel it again and she starts seducing her own daughter. Katie is in shock with her mother’s request, but it is time for her to be with a mature woman and maybe to learn a few moves. They begin kissing and touching, spreading and licking each one another’s pussies. The sex is amazing and it finishes in a spectacular way, squirting simultaneously all over each other. I am speechless.

Veronica Gets Her Feet Licked and Pussy Banged

The second that a hot stud sees Veronica Avluv, he gets extremely aroused by her kinky outfit. This dirty babe lets him place his dick inside of her mouth and makes it hard as a rock. She enjoys sucking on his dick while giving him a mind-blowing footjob simultaneously. The handsome dude roars and moans while she works on that cock and he can’t wait to get a taste of her feet. The stunning babe with an impressive rack sits on that firm penis and rides it like a bull. The nasty woman gets a portion of warm jizz straight onto her feet.

Lusty Brunette Enjoys Sucking Firm Dick

The moment you see the tempting Veronica Avluv in a slutty uniform, you will get unbelievably aroused. The well-hung hunk Manuel Ferrara is in for a treat, because this hot piece of ass is the best cock sucker you have ever met. She knows how to play with firm dicks and it is what she loves doing the most. The sizzling hot momma definitely knows how to provide a mind-blowing handjob, but she just can’t wait to feel this fat dick growing inside of her mouth. The sexy dude shakes and shivers until he finally sprays her with his warm jizz.

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12 Free Julia Ann Porn Videos To Fulfill MILF Fantasies 2019

We could call her a living porn legend, the iconic adult film performer, the Hall of Famer, Julia Ann keeps on entertaining us with her porn videos. While in the adult entertainment business since 1992, Julia still goes strong with her releases and never disappoints. Nowadays, she is this phenomenal blonde and buxom MILF who everyone is fantasizing about. Luckily, she is a people’s person and makes sure all of your desires are realized.

Throughout her extremely rich career, Julia accomplished a whole lot of things. From getting a crown for Best Actress in 2004 to tons of nominations and being both AVN and XRCO Hall of Famer, Julia is a hot pornstar who newbie pornstars should definitely look up to. Moreover, Julia has been a Wicked Girl, a Vivid Girl and signed with Digital Playground. Can one accomplish even more in her Slut career? The best part of it all is that Julia won’t retire anytime soon.

Not only is she a true professional, Julia Ann sports a ridiculous body with an amazing pair of fake breasts, a pretty smile, mesmerizing blue eyes and a round ass. A MILF lady who knocks your socks off every single time she appears on screen doing naughty things.

In an interview, Julia said it is experience and luck what shaped her into the extraordinary mature lady she grew into. According to IAFD, Julia appeared in over 700 movies. Well, that is a lot of fuck practice with both men and women. No wonder why she is so good at what she does.

Working with all the major brands, Vivid, Wicked Pictures, Elegant Angel, Brazzers and Evil Angel to name a few, Julia has experience in all fields. From mouthwatering solo masturbation shows to vivid boy-girls scenes, sensual lesbian fucks, wild interracial fucks and group bangs, Julia Ann has done it all. Ann even worked with Kink on some fetish and tasty anal stuff.

Born on October 8, 1969 (yes, really), Julia is not your average porn performer. She is a true entertainer and a business woman who is always on the lookout to find new ways to fulfill fans’ fantasies. Through her websites and incredible photo and video content, Julia keeps on going successfully beyond expectations.

Just like Kayden Kross, Julia also confirms that the porn industry changed drastically over the past couple decades. Fighting against the Prop 60, Julia has all the power to (hopefully) make an end to it. “Because I’ve been in the industry since 1992 and seen the evolution I felt that I could bring awareness that not everyone had the ability to do.”

Both Julia’s Instagram and Twitter profiles are worth following. She posts and entertains on a daily basis and gives it all her best to never leave you in disappointment. Just like with any of her porn scenes. Julia always over delivers.

#morning #bubbles

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In the free Julia Ann porn videos below, you will see how incredible Julia is. Have in mind, Julia is not that young anymore but is still full of sexual energy. Many youngsters envy her lust and fantastic frame. You, on the other hand, enjoy Julia do what she is best at and benefit from every porno you see.

Scarlett Sage prepares the best present for Julia

When in the process of decorating their house with Christmas vibes, a fantastic idea arises in Scarlett’s mind. Since Julia is busy at work, when she comes home, she will immediately get rid of all the tensions and stress. Scarlett gets naked and makes herself into a gift. Now that is the type of a present that easily wins over all those flashy stuff. And what Julia Ann does when she comes home? Exactly, she attacks young blonde babe with passion and enthusiasm what leads to a fulfilling lesbian fuck session. They finger each other, tongue fuck and even enjoy scissoring until they both reach volcanic orgasms.

Young brunette seduces blonde MILF with a Hitachi

Wait until you see the teen brunette lady, Whitney Wright, fool around with Julia. While Julia is trying to be amazing to her, Whitney just does not give a fuck. This one day, Julia has enough of her. When walking over to her room, she finds Whitney’s clothes all over the place. And when she enters her room, Ann finds the young lady playing with herself. It does not take long before Whitney grabs her Hitachi and presses it against Julia’s pussy – over jeans – and the rest is history. The toy immediately gets Julia’s juices flowing, making her horny as ever. Indeed, vivid lesbian fucking with a strap-on follows which you definitely do not want to miss.

Would you like to have full control over Julia Ann?

You read that right! If you would like to play a game with Julia, this is the ideal opportunity that you should not miss. Watch her suck her cock and offer you to smash that dripping wet pussy while she fingers her tight asshole. The view in the doggy style position is out of this world. But to finish the game in style, Julia performs the most satisfying combo between handjob and blowjob that you have ever experienced. And that is how MILFs do it, with style and intensity, taking you to a completely different world of extasy. Encounter with Julia now for a better tomorrow.

Lucky student fucks busty blonde teacher

While he was jerking off and enjoying himself to the fullest, Julia caught him. What now? Little does he now, Julia has a special present ready for him. It is no other than her voluptuous naked body. Lucky boy gets excited through the roof and fucks the living daylights out of the buxom blonde teacher. It is something he always fantasized about. To bang his teacher and jizz all over her. Finally, his fantasy came to reality, thanks to the open minded and always horny teacher, Julia.
This makes me remember my student years and how awesome would it be to fuck a hot teacher. What can I do, I will keep on fantasizing and maybe, just maybe one day I get the opportunity to be as lucky as this dude is.

Big Facial for dirty MILF Julia Ann

Whatever Julia does, she does it with pure passion. Let it be stroking a cock, giving head, or riding the pole vigorously, it is all in the name of pleasure. Whoever gets a chance to encounter with Ann is left in amazement for hours to come. She does him so well he forgets to think. To be frank, he even forgets what’s his name. Yes, Julia is that freaking good.
Enjoy watching her sucking the big cock and stroking it so well it throbs continuously from the get go. And then, she spreads those long legs and welcomes it with her bald pussy. Pounding her and pounding her, he just cannot stop up until the point he showers her face with jizz.
Hint: accidentally, he inserts his dong into Julia’s asshole. Watch the reaction.

Big fat cock for mom’s tight asshole

To date, Julia has probably done it all. If not in front of the camera then I am sure she did it in her private life. She is naughty and always craves a fat cock or a juicy pussy.
In a video above, you will get to watch Julia get penetrated hard in the asshole by no other than Manuel Ferrara. With his big and fat cock, Manuel stretches Julia’s butt super wide. She receives a dose of proper anal smashing while she fingers her pussy. All this brings her to a volcanic orgasm before he lets her experience a big facial. Seeing that bubble butt getting drilled is mind blowing.

Threesome fuck for a MILF and a teen

What does a guy do when a college girl start touching his cock? No need to think twice. He goes with the flow and lets her do whatever she wants to him. But what happens when hot blonde MILF lady catches him? If her name is Julia Ann, she joins him and the teen for a nice round of threesome fuck session. Seems too good to be true, right? Well, Manuel is the luckiest stud in the world who gets to experience both Julia and Jessie Andrews at the same time. What to say, this Frenchman is the one who all the women go crazy for. After fucking them both by taking turns, Manuel’s balls fill with a big load of spunk. He releases it all over Julia and Jessie’s face. There is enough of it for both of them.

Fine anal drill for sexy and busty mature babe

You are in for a special treat. First the foreplay then the pussy fuck and lastly the ass ramming. Of course, as an icing on a cake, he cums all over Julia’s round ass.
Let’s start with the foreplay. It is Julia Ann who is the giver. She wraps her warm lips around the rod and slides them up and down. She even uses her big fake boobs for a titjob and licks his balls for extra pleasure.
When they are both aroused, Julia spreads her legs and receives a nice pussy penetration session. This makes her super wet and ready for the butt play. To warm herself up, Julia stretches her stinky with her fingers before he eases the large dick deep inside her anus. Anal banging gets more and more vivid when he reaches the point of no return and covers Julia’s smoking hot and curvy ass in cock cream.

Glamorous MILF loves getting her asshole stretched

In erotic black lingerie, Julia looks exceptionally gorgeous. A real wifey material if you will. But she looks even prettier when gagging on a large machete while sitting on a couch. The fun intimate times are on full whack with Julia giving the most pleasurable head ever in her life. He then takes things into his hands and shoves his full-grown snake up Julia’s pussy. While riding him doggy style, Ann is already preparing herself for the anal fuck. With cock deep inside her va-jay-jay, she stuffs her butthole with her fingers and starts to experience great sensations. And then it all happens. The butt play. The close up anal doggy style will make your spine tingle. It is just one of prettiest things you will see today. But wait, we still have more free Julia Ann porn videos in store for you. For now, enjoy the facial cum tasting.

Mom is always down for a quickie

Nothing stops a true MILF from getting her horny mind fulfilled when the opportunity arises. She will do whatever it takes to get things done and her pussy fucked hard.
While we are used seeing Julia having blonde hair, this time, she is a charming brunette. I don’t know about you, but she sure looks hot as fuck with dark hair. As a matter of fact, pornstar Julia Ann always looks as hot as ever. Needless to say, Julia is the most attractive either with a cock deep in her mouth or inside her pink muffin. Sure, with a cock stuffed asshole, Julia also looks very delicious.
Sit back, relax and enjoy a proper pussy drill and a warm facial featuring no other than yours truly, Julia.

Stepmother and stepdaughter play with young cock

Julia has no problem seducing a young boy with her amazing body. Her skills help her get things sorted and sooner rather than later, she finds herself on the bed blowing boy’s big cock. Doing him right, she is later joined by stepdaughter Carter Cruise and they together take care of him. First, it is Carter who gets fucked hard in a doggy style while licking Julia Ann’s pussy. When he is in need to switch things up, he approaches Julia and rams her experienced cock wallet like there would be no tomorrow. Both ladies get a satisfying dose of vagina pounding. But the cum lands half on Julia’s muff and the other half in Carter’s mouth.

An old Playboy interview with Julia Ann

When I saw this old Playboy interview with Julia, I knew instantly that I needed to feature it on this list of her free porn videos. If you need to get to know Julia even better, this video interview will do the trick. She talks about stuff like double penetration, how she likes to get fucked, adult industry, tattoos and more. Along the interview, you get to enjoy Julia teasing and stripping. Surprisingly, her body has not changed that much compared to how she looks today. Back then and in this day and age, Julia looks absolutely phenomenal.

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18 Best Free Brazzers Porn Videos 2019

No matter what you already did on the web so far, chances are, you are very well familiar with Brazzers porn videos and all that comes along. One of the biggest and most notable porn production companies is packed with incredible videos, releasing new ones on a regular basis.

Not only is the video quality of the best possible grade but you only find the world’s most famous pornstars both male and female. From Nicole Aniston, Ariella Ferrera and Jessa Rhodes to Kieran Lee, Isiah Maxwell and Xander Corvus, they are all having quite a lot of fun in all those Brazzers porn videos.

Since we know how much you love their stuff, we decided to compile the best collection of their free material that is available on the internet. You will find quite a variety of content to fit every taste. However, you can expect even more XXX videos to be featured here once we update it sometime in the future.

But let’s quickly chat a little more about the porn behemoth. The website was founded back in 2004, by Stephane Manos, Ouissam Youssef and Matt Keezer. It has headquarters in Luxembourg and is now operated entirely by Mindgeek, another porn giant.

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Brazzers had a billboard for a month straight located in Times Square in New York.

Enough nonsense, let’s get to the action and enjoy ourselves to the fullest with all the incredible fucking.

Nasty masseuse like it really rough

JMac comes for a massage and has no idea what is about to happen. When he sees Bonnie Rotten wearing nothing but a bikini, all the rest becomes history. It does not take her long before she starts rubbing her big fake tits against his enormous shaft, as well as ass. This dirty, wild and wicked Brazzers porno is out of this world. Just wait until JMac smashes Bonnie’s mouth with his dick and later destroys her pussyhole like there would be no tomorrow. These two are two crazy fuckers who like it in all sorts of different positions, as hard as possible. Was that the massage JMac was after? You bet!

Anal sex sorts everything out – ALWAYS

Poor brunette babe, Whitney Wright, has enough of her man. Things just are not the way they were between the two of them. It comes so close, she almost kills him. But that is when her angel arrives. And his name is Ricky Johnson. Do you know what he says her to calm her down? “Have you tried getting fucked in the ass?” It is show time from then on. First, Whitney sucks his massive prick with nothing but passion. Once he is fully erected, Ricky shows Wright the pleasure of anal sex. You guessed it, she enjoys it through the roof. From now onwards, if Ricky pays her a visit regularly, Whitney will have no problem staying with her man.

Joslyn James’ glazed fake tits and well-trimmed pussy

When Joslyn James takes an art class, she turns out to be a natural. However, when they are about to finish the vase with some glaze, it turns out, there is no glaze to use. Clever MILF quickly comes up with a solution and pulls a bottle of lube out of her purse. While lube might not work on the vase, the teacher knows of two other “vases” that the lube would work perfect on. Without further ado, they get the action going and lube up Joslyn’s big fake boobies and get the juices flowing. Before they know it, they are both naked, fucking like mad people. Bear in mind, did you notice how insanely hot Joslyn James looks? Like she would still be a student!

Dirty teachers fuck after class

Do you know what teachers do when they are bored after class? Well, isn’t it obvious? They FUCK and here is a Brazzers porn video that shows it all! Just have big titted, Priya Anjali Rai, and the stud with a million dollar cock, Keiran Lee, as a good example. They definitely know what’s up even if Priya happens to be new in school. After a little incident, they find themselves all alone and get their hands all over each other almost instantly. When Priya sees Kieran’s monster cock, she goes to her knees immediately and blows it like there would be no tomorrow. From there on, they are all about fucking on her desk making sure every inch of his giant prick is trusted deep into her juicy pussy.

Phoenix Marie fights the law with her insane assets

When they arrest her husband and put him in jail for drinking, Phoenix Marie comes to pick him up later that night. However, he should not be released due to too heavy alcohol intoxication but Phoenix has a plan. When she tries to bribe the officer, it turns out that he does not fall for the offer and arrests Phoenix as well. However, with a smoking hot body that she owns and knowing that her hubby has a small penis, the officer is ready to teach Phoenix Marie a lesson. He knows she is in desperate need of an enormous dick and he just happens to have what she wants. While her husband sleeps, the officer absolutely destroys Phoenix with his machete and watches her how much she is enjoying it.

The more the merrier

Kristen and Honey have work to do. But Kristen is not in the mood for it. So, by the time the guests come back for some sexy alone time, they hide out in the bathroom or risk getting caught and maybe lose their jobs. They hoped to escape while the couple enjoys themselves. But Bridgette has other things in mind. Something hot and kinky. No doubt, neither Kristen nor Honey could ever imagine what was about to take place. Although both are uncertain about the indecent proposal, neither one of them could resist the sexual pleasure once they get in on the action.

Yes ma’am, we can repeat the lecture

Raging hormones can distract any teenager from making the grade. While the father knows best and gets a tutor for his young girl to do better in school, chances are he did not count on what is about to happen during study time. Then again, with Miss Makayla Cox from Brazzers as the teacher his daughter is going to learn a lot. Her first lesson is not to talk back to her teacher. Of course, any respectable teacher comes to class ready with her own strap-on dildo to give her student a good, hard fuck lesson. No doubt, her student will remember her lectures long after she cums vividly.

Independent women get it on hard

Can you just sit by and watch two hot lesbians get it on? No doubt, you want to get in on the action. But you should know your attempt to join will only end in frustration. This independent pair is not willing to share their hot and sexy intimate moments with a man. At least not today. It is obvious from their every kiss, suck, and lick, their passion is only for one another. The addition of a strap-on dildo makes the sexual encounter even hotter as they reach orgasms one after the other. Sorry fellas, you are going to have to sit this one out, anyways, you can still watch and have some pleasurable alone time with yourself.

Threats lead to hot and fulfilling sex

This video proves sex after exchanging threats is hot as fuck. As the two women try to scare one another to show who is better, it appears Bridgette has a better grip on the situation. In no time, she has her rival down on the floor and sucking her pussy. The action gets more intense when they head to the bedroom. But before they do, Bridgette offers her stepson to join them. Despite his confusion, it is obvious he cannot resist the invitation. His entry into the bedroom as the women get down and dirty makes it the perfect recipe for a Brazzers threesome video.

Clumsy masseuse gets lucky, avoids the trouble

Imagine yourself looking forward to a relaxing massage. Yet you end up with a masseuse who is all thumbs and with only three weeks experience on the job. Worst of all, he ends up ruining your dress by spilling massage oil over it. Well, this client is not going to lie down for it. She takes matters into her own hands and decides her clumsy masseuse should make up for it by doing something extra special for her. Though afraid of what she has in mind, he soon rose to the occasion. Doesn’t this video from the Brazzers network make you want to have a massage right now? Like, a sexy massage?

Wishes do come true, you just need to look deep enough

Cleaning out the garage is no one’s idea of a good time. But if you happen to find an antique lamp like this guy does then you could be in for an afternoon of fucking. Indeed, his luck changes the moment he rubs it and the genie appears. Moreover, a genie as hot as Gina who is willing to grant three wishes. In fact, she is eager to give out more than just wishes for her savior. So the next time your wife nags you to clean out the garage or attic, be on the lookout for an antique lamp. Your wishes could end up coming true. And if that includes sucking cock and loads of fucking, then make sure you do find it!

Forget the operation, the big dick is fine

Nurse Valentina vows to make her patient think twice about going ahead with his upcoming penis reduction surgery. It appears his girlfriend is not comfortable with the size of his cock. But Nurse Valentina knows a good thing when she sees it. Can you blame her after seeing something so majestic? She decides to take matters into her own hands as she preps him for the operation by showing her honest appreciation for his large cock. Well, it looks like her charm works. Now, it seems even the patient has learned to value his own size as he tells the doctor to take his time. Maybe his girl only needs some additional exercise to get used to the big dick.

Wet, wild and ready for a wild anal

Cali Carter is all wet in this Brazzers video. But there is nothing wrong about it. In fact, you are certain to get aroused the moment she wiggles her wet ass in the air. The action gets hotter once her man joins her with a bottle of their favorite lubricant. From the looks of it, the couple knows how to use it to their favorable pleasure. Moreover, they are not shy about using it. While others might say a little goes a long way, it seems nothing is wrong if you decide to lather up with it. Everything slips and slides with ease in every hole, asshole and pussyhole.

Naughty girl gets what she deserves

Let this be a lesson to any girl who steals an anal plug and tries to get away with it. Indeed, a dazzling bejeweled anal plug catches the eye of shopaholic Britney and she just has to have it. So, while Carter is on the phone, she decides to pleasure herself and stick it into her butthole. But Carter is too smart for her mischief and she is determined to teach her a lesson. No doubt, Britney will remember it the next time she decides to steal from her again. Then again, she might choose to steal again if it means a good lick, suck and fuck. Only time will tell.

The bodyguard is doing a good job

Teal gets a bodyguard to protect her against a notorious stalker. But the joke is on him when he finds out the whole thing was just a ruse so Teal could hire him for herself. Her secret comes out soon enough as Teal is eager to see if the stories about her new bodyguard are true. Rumor has it, his cock is amazing and though he calls her a crazy fucking bitch for doing what she did, his hard cock says otherwise. Well, if your client is as hot as Teal, chances are you will want to guard her up close and personal.

A big, pleasant surprise for Nicole

Nicole is eager to fuck the pool guy. But she is afraid her fantasy will fall apart when she opens his zipper and finds a small cock inside. She goes for it anyway and decides to ask him directly. To her delight, the pool guy nods with a smile and Nicole gets a pleasant surprise. It appears he is also amused by the turn of events. So much so, he shows her just what his big, hard cock can do for her. Watch her squeal in ecstasy every time he pounds. Indeed, their sexual escapade gives a completely new meaning to home service.

Kissa is under Danger’s control

Abella Danger and Kissa Sins get into some serious BDSM play in this Brazzers video. Abella takes the lead as Kissa’s dominatrix. While Kissa is her willing submissive. Indeed, she is more than eager to please her mistress’ sexual wishes and give in to her desires. Then again it appears both ladies know what it takes to satisfy one another. Their encounter gets more intense with the addition of sex toys like an anal hook, strap on dildo, and a magic wand. You can hear it in their moans how excited they both are to play. Plus, their glistening skin shows just how extreme their encounter got.

Xander gets a fucking A

Xander is about to fail his class at Film school unless he can impress his teacher, Miss Amber. Well, lucky for him she is feeling generous enough to help him. For sure, she saw his potential as a filmmaker. Then again, she might have seen his big cock from his student film. Hence, her hands on approach to help him improve his craft. It did not take long for Xander to pick up a few pointers and rise to the occasion. In fact, he was ready to go the moment she opened his pants. Without a doubt, Xander will pass his class with excellence.


Get the hype going, join the community and experience the best porn on the market.

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Hottie of the week – Madison Morgan

If you are into perfect asses, boy are you going to be all about Madison Morgan. If this is your first time hearing of Madison, well, that is even better! She sure will knock your socks off. Yes, with her BUTT!

The moment you visit Madison’s Instagram profile, ass is something you will see first thing. Anyone complaining? Of course not, you silly! The ass of this piping hot ginger adult model is magnificent regardless of the angle you are viewing it from. Top, bottom, side, you name it, Madison knows how to make that ass look outstanding.

According to Madison Morgan’s bio, she is a model for six years now. What’s super cool about Madison is the fact that if you visit her Twitter profile, you will notice a ton of nude content.

Yes, when you get to see that bubble butt bounce and twerk, your eyes will fall out of sockets. The energy Madison brings to the table is almost too good to be true.

One thing is for sure, Madison is a lady who knows how to have some fun. Especially when other gorgeous babes are around. And that is something you get to witness yourself, too.

While Madison’s Instagram profile is already mouthwatering, wait until you see all the action that is going down on her Twitter. I tell you, chances are very high that you will grow a bulge down under. Nothing wrong with that, I bet Madison Morgan would be proud.

It is no secret that you are in for a sweet treat. Whatever Madison does in front of the lens, whether for a photoshoot or a video, the outcome will be nothing short of phenomenal.

Now is the perfect timing to get involved, benefit from the amazingness that Madison brings to the table and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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Ana Shinagawa Gets A Cumshot After Testing New Sex Toys

This little Asian girl goes by the name, Ana Shinagawa, and her mission today is to try out all the new toys that were brought for her enjoyment. And if that does not satisfy her, a big cock waits for her when she gets fed up with those play-things.

Her petite frame is perfect for these kinds of encounters. Not to mention, her shoulder-length brunette hair is simply dying to get some pulling from the back.

They suck each other’s tongue in a deep expression of their affection to one another. After that, the stud starts felling Ana’s sweet boobs with accepting moans coming from her direction, filling up the room.

Little moans turn louder and louder. When the time comes for the sex toys to enter the playing ground, the pussy of this little being is super wet. Her pubic hair starts dripping with pleasure juice.

First, the little pink vibrator enters the scene. While she caresses her lovely boobs, he puts the toy between them. He later also goes to put it in her mouth in an erotic manner.

The lucky boy puts his fingers gently inside his Japanese lovers tight hairy pussy, exposing everything Ana Shinagawa has to offer.

Gently pleasured by her man, the horny babe closes her eyes, opens her legs, and enjoys the tender touches and soft tongue movements he serves her with.

In just a few moments of pure fulfillment, they bring out the next toy on the repertoire. That next big white one is making Ana explode with lustful pleasure. She cannot wait for it to vibrate all the pent up tension out of her. That’s why Hitachi is for in the first place.

Continuing by herself this time, in a brief moment, Ana understands the great big white one is going to be a handful. That said, they decide the little pink one is best for the job.

Quickly she undresses, and he puts the vibrating toy inside of her hairy honeypot. Things instantly become crystal clear that they are on the right track.

They finish playing with toys and start taking matters into their own hands.

Putting Ana Shinagawa on her back in a comfortable position, the stud makes her feel alive once again. By sticking her on his big member, of course. Her soft moans of pain have a melodic effect for the two lovers that continue fucking each other.

Laying down, breasts exposed, eyes closed, feet up in the air and her body limp by the effects of this erotic scenario; the tantalizing look of this Middle-Eastern babe, as she enjoys her lover’s dick, is breathtaking.

Looking like Ana is in a dream-like state, closing her eyes brings her one step closer to climaxing. The guy thrusts his hard tool in her relentlessly, not taking a second to let them both breathe.

The heavy breathing is sliced only with the invigorating screams of the two lovers. They turn into one being that devours itself in a flurry off self-indulgence.

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10 Diamond Foxxx Porn Videos For Epic MILF Action 2019

Every time you are in need of some MILF action, dude, you better watch Diamond Foxxx get sexy and hot for a cock. When you will start to enjoy watching her porn videos, you better sit tight, otherwise, her horny vibes might give you hard times remaining in a steady position. But by all means, enjoy the wild ride, if you will. Nothing wrong with that, party people.


Our mature hottie, Diamond Foxxx, was born in Dallas, Texas on January 05, 1973 and is the oldest of three children. Her father was in the Navy and mother was a Marine and, needless to say, Diamond was in the Navy as well. However, Foxxx is a lady who is crazy about sex and joining the Navy, who has all those restrictions, of course she was out in less than a year.

Continuing her dream to start a professional career in real estate, Diamond needed to pay the bills somehow. That being said, Diamond Foxxx joined adult entertainment industry in 2004, debuting with Naughty America’s “My First Sex Teacher.” Prior to that, she did have some experience being a stripper. Later in the year, Diamond also went to the magical G cup breast size. How do you like her boobs? Aren’t they spectacular? Those hooters are so important to her she even named one “Big” and the other “Bigger.” It’s up to you to guess which is which.


Over her very rich porn career, Diamond Foxxx worked with the majority of the most notable adult companies. Wicked Pictures, Brazzers, Elegant Angel, Reality Kings and Digital Playground are just some of the companies Foxxx worked with. Not to mention, she has also been nominated for a wide variety of industry awards. Like 2010 AVN MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year, 2011 XBIZ MILF Performer of the Year and others.

If Diamond would have to pick a MILF or a 20 year old for a sexual encounter, she’d definitely go with MILF. Why? Mature women are more experienced and more confident with themselves. And definitely more sexually appealing. When it comes to the guys, she likes both older and younger dudes (but for different reasons). Older guys mainly due to being more experienced, just like MILFs! Furthermore, the younger boys are interesting because of all the sex energy they have. It’s definitely hard to keep up with such energetic MILF like Diamond Foxxx is.


Prior to porn, Diamond was very shy and conservative. Thanks to pornography, it helped her open a whole new view on sex. Nowadays, she is openly trying out new positions and experimenting with sex as much as possible.

To get a dose of Diamond, find some of her sexiest porn videos below.

Get a dose of MILF action with Diamond Foxxx porn videos

Outstanding handjob with a facial finish

You know already that an experienced woman, like Diamond, throws down the most fulfilling handjobs. However, from time to time, she takes things to an entirely different level, and this video is a good proof. Once you see Diamond get her hands on a tube of lube, all the rest becomes history. She knows how to please that throbbing dick like a pro, well, because she is a professional! She even sticks it between those big fake boobs. And when he is about to jizz all over the place, she aims his shaft to ejaculate all over her face. That’s how a champ does it!

She wants it straight into her asshole

After giving the thick, long cock a mouthwatering blowjob, Diamond Foxxx is more than ready to have some butt fun. Nope, no warming up with pussy fucking, Diamond wants that enormous shaft straight into her asshole. Let’s face it, this smoking hot blonde babe is already dripping wet down under, her anus dying for some proper anal wall rubbing. He sure does please Foxxx right, letting her experience all the pleasurable sensation of anal sex. Guess how they celebrate this impressive and very eye-catchy sexual encounter? With a facial, of course! Enjoy yourself over and over again.

Busty blonde Diamond Foxxx can seduce everyone with a solo performance

You read that right, there is no one on this planet that Diamond cannot win over with her seductive solo masturbation session. This particular one will definitely knock your socks off. As soon as you see her appear on the screen, your jaw drops. The sexy, erotic outfit that Diamond sports is to die for. She slowly undresses and starts to finger her clitoris passionately. Soon, a pink sex toy comes into play, which Foxxx uses to fuck the living daylights out of her juicy pussy. And if you would like to join her on her journey to reaching a volcanic orgasm, you only need to press the play button above. You are welcome.

Housewife pays for the plumbing services with sex

When a stunning woman does not have money to pay for the services, what’s one way she can get around it? Well, one of the ways can be to show the tits. But what plumber really wants is her pussy. Struggling Diamond just does not have any other choice. She cannot afford to pay for the full price so Diamond Foxxx goes for the plan B. Or at least that’s what plumber suggests. A quick visit, to fix the water, transforms into a vivid bathroom fuck show. Would you be satisfied with a payment like that? I wouldn’t mind fixing other stuff for “free” as well!

Delivery guy delivers a special, big sausage, pizza

I really am jealous of delivery guys. Man, they have a chance to see so many gorgeous women it’s ridiculous. And then, if the lady who orders pizza is an open minded one, the delivery guy sure is excited to give her a tip. In a form of a big sausage. You know how it goes: make a hole in the card box, as well as pizza, stick your woody in and cover it. Hopefully, when she sees the big sausage” pizza, her mouth will water.

This dude had great success when delivering pizza to Diamond Foxxx’s place. Oh yes, he gets to fuck her hard while her husband and his pals are in the room next door.

2 MILFs are better than one

Dude, what would you do if you would run into two smoking hot mature women, outside, tanning and kissing? Your mind will go insane and your cock hard in a split of a second. To bring things a step further, let’s imagine those MILFs be Diamond and her friend Holly Halston. Believe me, you would not be able to hold yourself back and do whatever you would need to do to join them. Luckily, they welcome you open-handedly. As a matter of fact, they welcome you with their mouth wide open and their pussies ready for penetration. Lucky bastard!

Now that’s a MILF threesome everyone would want to be part of.

The best car saleswoman on the planet

Have you ever went buying a car and the sales people were just the worst? This time, you will see the best saleswoman, our beautiful world has to offer. With years of experience, MILF Diamond Foxxx, knows how to sell a car to pretty much everyone. When a young stud gets interested for a specific vehicle, she invites him on a private test drive. You know, to test and get familiar with the car. However, Diamond has something else in mind. Not only does she allow him to drive the car all on his own, Foxxx also offers herself for testing. In other words, she wants him to really get an idea what are all of the things he could do with and in the car. One of the things is, obviously, having sex with girls. They move to the back and the real car testing process begins.

Will he buy the car? I would probably test a few more before I would make my final decision.

Double penetration for nurse Diamond Foxxx

We already watched two babes and a dude so it’s time now to mix things up. Meaning, here’s a hospital threesome with nurse Diamond and two of her patients. When she comes to their room to take care of poor fellas, the skirt she’s wearing and the whole outfit makes both of the guys hard and excited.

Needless to say, without a question, Foxxx takes their schlongs in her hands and starts to stroke them. Later, she gives one head and lets the other fuck her from behind. But the real treat is still to come. Oh yes, after MILF Diamond Foxxx fully warms up, she welcomes both to take her at the same time. Fully aroused and excited through the roof, one fills her pussy and the other her asshole. You are in for an intense double penetration, Diamond enjoys in a whole lot. They even take her standing, banging her hard until they cover her with warm cum.

Outdoor anal is the most fun!

If it’s warm enough at your end of the world, make sure you take advantage of it. Meaning, go outside and have sex. The fresh air, the light breeze, nature, the warm sun hitting your skin and a gorgeous girl ready for penetration in all her bang holes.

For everyone who needs a bit of motivation, have Diamond Foxxx’s outdoor anal porn video with this young stud as a great example. It cannot get any prettier than that. Butt fuck full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion, just like you should do it on your own as well. Don’t sit on it, start planning a trip to nature, or just go to your backyard and enjoy all the fun you can have with a lady.

Crazy hot mom fucks her stepson

Imagine having a really, I mean, REALLY, hot stepmother. Now let me ask you a question: Would you fuck her if she would be interested in you as well? In Diamond Foxxx’s case, she is very attracted to her good looking stepson (and vice versa!) and even says how much she is into him. Not to mention, she expresses herself what an amazing experience it was, fucking that fresh, young and super hard dick.

To their luck, no one is going anywhere, meaning, there will be plenty more opportunities for these two horny people to repeat the sexual act.

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Twistys Video Channel

Twistys Video Channel

When you think hot XXX stars in sensual action, you think Twistys! This adult brand is infamous for producing some of the most incredible scenes in recent history. We celebrate the Twistys video channel with a spotlight on what you’ll find!

The Twistys video channel on PORN.COM is currently ranked 264th overall. Some truly inspirational suck and fuck action can be found in this collection. As with other leading adult producers, The folks at Twistys share selected pieces of their work so the porn-living public can get a taste. Clips can be sorted in terms of newest, most popular and more.

Twistys Video Channel - Hot XXX

These folks don’t go cheap on the production values and the setting is often part of the fun. You’ll experience some of the biggest names in the biz in some of the hottest clips…

When Girls Play

A pair of the biggest pornstars in the world together in hot lesbo action? Yes please!

Eliza Ibarra – Blushing Bride

Share in this Bride’s special day!

Alina Lopez Ivy Wolfe

More fun from the ladies with another When Girls Play special!

Take the time to check out the Twistys channel for yourself and enjoy the Porn YOU are really looking for. Return next week as we take a look at more sensational video channels at PORN.COM

Leave a comment or stay connected over Twitter @worldsbestporn

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14 Best Europornstars To This Date 2019

If you would like to spice things up, these best, hottest and dirtiest europornstars will always do the trick.

There are many out there who get your juices flowing, but we picked only the most outstanding ones. Of course, you can expect this list regularly updated with new adult actresses.

That said, if you have a recommendation, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. Let together create the best of the best when it comes to euro pornstars, euro babes, however you want to call them.

In the collection below, you will find ladies from Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, you name it, they come from all over the place. And some of them are so popular, I bet you had no idea they actually come from Europe, or at least they were born and raised there.

With that being said, let’s begin investigating all the pornstars from Europe in great detail.

The best and hottest europornstars out there

Little Caprice

little caprice
Little Caprice is a Czech sensation. She broke into the adult film scene and took it by storm. This 5’ 3” eurostar has a style of her own. She serves sex in a way that has captured the imagination of guys and has helped them get boners. Little Caprice has a charisma that has made her a real fan-favorite. Another reason why she is very popular with fans is because of her willingness to do stuff that other performers would think twice about doing. All her holes are ready to please her fans all over the world. Combine that with her pretty face and an awesome body and you get a real crowd-pleaser.


Elena Koshka

elena koshka
Elena Koshka is like a goddess that has come to life. This europornstar stands over six feet tall and has a striking body and smooth skin. Her biggest asset, however, is her beautiful face that has caused fans to fall in love with her. When she’s performing in front of the camera, Elena seems like a real sex-starved slut. That is one of the reasons why fans are going crazy over her. When the cameras are switched off, Elena reverts to her shy and bookish self, waiting for the next sign for her to turn on her amazing fuck switch.


Anetta Keys

anetta keys
Born in the Czech Republic, Anetta Keys started working as a snack counter attendant while she was studying. With her looks, it did not take long for her to decide to give modeling a try. From modeling, she decided to jump into making hardcore porn films and the rest is history. Now, Anetta is one of the top European pornstars working in the industry. She has appeared in numerous films for different websites. Anetta was also Penthouse Magazine’s Pet of the Month for their December 2003 issue. When she’s not having the time of her life, being fucked in front of cameras, Anetta enjoys watching movies and working out.


Angel Wicky

angel wicky
Angel Wicky is such a horny chick that she gets all wet and aroused just imagining all the guys who are turned on by her naked image. With such an amazing body and beautiful face, we are certainly glad that she is such a slut. For Angel, doing porn movies is not just about making money, it is a lifestyle choice for her, one that she clearly enjoys. That kind of attitude has turned her into one of the most famous europornstars, banging in the industry today. Angel is a health buff who spends a great deal of time in the gym to maintain her hot fuck machine of a body.


Candy Alexa

candy alexa
Candy Alexa is one of the most sweet-faced Euro pornstars we have today. She hails from Russia and has a pair of massive boobs and a firm and juicy bottom. She has the perfect name because she looks adorable, especially her pussy, which easily gets wet. Her massive tits are ideal for boob jobs and for getting loads of jizz from huge cocks. When Candy is not shooting her videos, Candy loves to spend time living the high life. But she likes nothing better than to get smashed by huge cocks whenever she gets the chance. That’s how horny this Euro slut is.


Olivia Sin

olivia sin
Olivia Sin was born in Moscow in 1994. One look at this stunning girl and you would fall in love with her, because she is so beautiful. Just imagine how you would feel once you see her being fucked by huge dicks for the camera! One of the reasons why Olivia is a leading europornstars today is because she’s always willing to do crazy sex acts in front of the camera. You can tell that she loves nothing more than getting her pussy stuffed with fat dicks whenever possible. She really enjoys her job and her fans recognize her enthusiasm by giving her lots of love.

Nina Elle

nina elle
Nina Elle is a blonde bombshell who used to be a dental hygienist. Can you even imagine? She got her start in the porn industry by working cam sites and it was not long before fans started noticing her. Nina soon realized that she was too good to be wasted on doing shows on cam sites. Born in Germany, this europornstar’s family settled in California and that is probably where she got her easygoing attitude. She really loves doing her scenes. When Nina is not being fucked for a scene by massive dicks, Nina spends her time in the gym in order to maintain her sexy body.


Jordan Pryce

jordan pryce
Jordan Pryce likes to describe herself as a Russian fuckdoll, and when you see her pictures, you would agree. The first thing that you would notice about her are her impossibly large breasts. At size 32G, they are almost the size of her head. If that doesn’t get blood pulsing through your dick, nothing will. Jordan is one of the most notable europornstars working in the industry today. Fans love her because of her willingness to do hardcore scenes like double penetration and others. She’s willing and ready to be fucked in almost any position imaginable. So, who can really resist Jordan’s charms?


Amirah Adara

amirah adara
Even if Amirah Adara did not decide to join the adult film industry, you can bet that she would still be fucked a lot. That’s because this europornstar is a real sex-starved slut. Amirah has an almost insatiable thirst for sex, which is why she is a real favorite among fans today. She has it her mission to fuck the hottest guys out there. It might be an impossible mission but she sure is having fun. Just thinking about how turned on her fans are while watching her fuck makes her pussy wet and ready for the next sex scene.


Anissa Kate

anissa kate
Anissa Kate’s journey into becoming one of the top europornstars today is rather unusual. She says that she became obsessed with watching documentaries about the adult film industry and because of that, she soon found herself wanting to join in on the fun. Anissa was very eager to get started that she forgot all about her studying economics. She was ready and willing to get naked in front of the camera and have dicks fucking her in all her holes. In return, Anissa has been recognized by fans all over the world who jerk off to her videos all the time.


Valentina Nappi

valentina nappi
When you talk about europornstars there is one name that should never be forgotten, and that is Valentina Nappi. This Italian goddess was born in a little town under the shadow of world-famous Mount Vesuvius. There is something right about this, Valentina being born near a volcano because she is as hot as they get. She got her start in the porn industry after getting some help from legendary Italian pornstar, Rocco Siffredi. He probably fucked her a few times and it must have been awesome because he called her as the next big thing in Italian porn. Valentina is as slutty as they come, and she claims that she will give a handjob to anyone who asks.


Black Angelika

black angelika
There is something hot about Romanian girls and Black Angelika is one of the hottest. She has that sex-kitten vibe about her that it is no wonder that she makes dicks go hard. Angelika started in the porn industry back in 2007, and it did not take long for her to rise to the top as one of the leading europornstars. She is in such hot demand as an adult actress that she shoots scenes for both American and European companies. Angelika has managed to keep her body tight and toned by regularly working on it at the yoga studio. That is how she became more flexible too.

Liya Silver

liya silver
It does not matter what you are into when it comes to girls, because when you see Liya Silver, your dick is sure to get hard. This Euro pornstar hails from Russia and has enhanced boobs that are really mouthwatering. Just imagine her looking at you while you are fucking her deeply with those beautiful brown eyes of hers. I know, right? Liya is very flexible and can do any kind of sexual position imaginable. She is also ready and willing to take on any dick no matter how large it is. Watching one of her videos, you can see clearly that Liya enjoys doing her scenes.


Gina Gerson

gina gerson
If you like petite europornstars then you should check out what Gina Gerson has to offer. This Russian nympho has an almost insatiable thirst for cock, and it shows in each scene that she does. Gina sucks the biggest dicks and fucks in any position that the director demands. This blonde star has small tits and a long slim body that is driving fans insane all over the world. Just imagine yourself fucking her doggy style while you are holding on to her very narrow waist. Gina has a way of looking right at the camera as she is sucking dick or while being fucked that is truly memorable.


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Our Top 10 Porn Vids From The Past Week

Get ready for another mind-blowing, dick-blowing Top 10 list. Things are really heating up as we slam into Spring and move ahead with more suck and fuck shenanigans.

Every week we fondly look back at what videos, video channels and XXX stars have made the biggest impact overall. We only compare videos from our premium HD video channels and in the process, come up with a community impact score. Community impact is calculated by looking at everything from view count, view duration up to shares, likes and more. In the end we get an accurate representation and some truly jaw-dropping porn.

10. Wild Black Lesbians with Ass and Titties Get to Work

Did you hear that? The ladies in Lesbian Sistas now come with Ass and Titties!

9. Fresh New Red-Haired Teen Hottie Zoey Fucked

Next up is a classic from the folks at I am Eighteen. Love them Redheads…

8. Big tit babes August and Karma double blowjob

This dirty duo will totally talk with their mouths full! Thanks to Swallowed for this one.

7. Mom Helps Daughter Teach Pervy Step Brother A Lesson

Does this count as Home School? Things get complicated in this vid from MomsTeachSex.

6. Cassidy banks is fucked by a huge cock, big boobs

The folks at Spizoo bring us another winner. Watch Cassidy Banks do her thing in this clip.

5. Horny twins sharing a stunt cock

Twins Basil! Twins!

4. Gorgeous Latina Taken Home And Given A Pole Ride

Perfect Gonzo

3. Little Asian Lady Gets Fucked With A Jacket On

Wow… what an awesome jacket. Thanks JapanHDV!

2. Got Lucky With My Step Sis And Her Friend On St. Patty’s Day

EVERYONE wants a taste of Ass on St Patrick’s Day!

1. Evelyn Claire takes on two BBCs

Evelyn is all about the multitasking in this scene from BLACKED.

Thanks for joining us for another epic To 10 list. We’ve run the numbers and BLACKED comes out on top. Congrats to BrattySis and JapanHDV as well

Top Categories for this week included interracial sex and threesomes.

Be sure to check back next week for more sticky results. Leave a comment or follow us on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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Gangbang Porn!

Gangbang Porn!

Some performers are experts when it comes to multitasking! When one dick just won’t do, we have Gangbang porn! This video category is filled to the brim with blowjobs, DPs and more…

Gangbang Fuckery
Gangbang Fuckery

Gangbangs are serious business here at PORN.COM. Several premium video channels feature content that falls into this genre and fans simply can’t get enough. To celebrate mind-blowing, life-changing group sex action, we’ve collected a few of our favorite clips. Indulge and savor all the over-the-top hardcore fun!

Teen Sara Luvv takes on 5 big dicks in her throat

First up, Sara Luvv turns a locker room into a wild sex extravaganza!

Cheating MILF Fucks Son And His Friends When Hubbys Away!

Some MILFs prefer to teach to an audience. Jennifer White turns this into a learning opportunity for three lucky studs!

Kendra Sunderland BBC interracial GANGBANG

The folks at BLACKED know how to do interracial gangbangs… nuff said.

Interracial Gangbangs
Interracial Gangbangs

Want even more? Browse videos found in our Gangbang category and build your ultimate XXX playlist!

Check back often as we take a long, hard look at some of PORN.COM’s most popular categories, channels and stars!

Feel free to leave a comment or connect with us on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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Hottie of the week – Sammi Hanratty

If you are new to Sammi Hanratty, you are in luck because she is a real hottie. But who actually is Sammi? Although I saw her several times already, I just was not able to recall. Anyhow, a quick Google search later and I can now share more about Sammi with you.

First and foremost, Sammi has a super adorable smile. And the lips, well, I like those, too. Moreover, Sammi Hanratty is an American actress who already appeared in quite a bunch of movies and television shows.

From Pirates of the Caribbean and Boogeyman 2 to CSI: NY and Salem; there are tons of other appearances of Sammi which made her quite popular. Sure, if you are not watching television – like me – you probably were not aware of Sammi until just now.

Young Sammi was born on September 20, 1995, in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is the youngest in a family of three boys and five girls. Just two years after her birth, Sammi moved to Los Angeles, California.

If you connect the dots, you realize that Sammi appeared in her first movie at a very young age. Go back in time and see her appearance in either Pirates of the Caribbean (2006) or Passions (2005). She was also nominated several times for Young Artist Awards.

Nowadays, you can see Sammi Hanratty post all sorts of silly stuff to her Instagram profile. Of course, there are also quite a bunch of sexy posts that you sure do not want to miss. Sometimes, Sammi even goes topless for the camera, showing her pretty small breasts. A multi-talented lady, if you will.

With all that being said, I am happy to announce Sammi our hottie of the week. Skills and sexy frame, that’s what’s up when it comes to Hanratty. Go ahead, follow her now and enjoy the regular updates.

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16 Ways How Does Porn Make Money [Infographic]

Would you like to generate revenue with porn?

how does porn make money



Simply copy and paste the code below:

<a href="" target="_blank"> <img border="0" alt="15 Ways How Does Porn Make Money [Infographic]" src="" width="700" height="4561"></a><br/><span style="font-size: 12px;"> <a href="">View Full Version</a> (via <a href=""><a/>)</span>


If you ever questioned yourself, how does porn make money, you came to the right place. This infographic gives you a general overview of sixteen different approaches you can take to generate income in the adult entertainment industry.

Of course, there are even more ways you can earn with porn, but starting with these will get you on the right track.

You can start a simple blog, a review site, a tube platform, create sex games, you name it, the options are there. Of course, some are more advanced than the others.

Moreover, while building a blog does not require much capital, you will need to raise additional funds to create an adult dating site. Have in mind, all options can be very lucrative even to this day.

1. Subscriptions (premium pornstar content)

By offering users daily, monthly, bi-yearly and yearly subscriptions, they gain access to premium, high-quality content. In some instances, the longer one is a subscriber, the cheaper the subscription is.

2. Live Webcams

As a webmaster, you can create your own webcam site or a white label. If pushing 3rd-party platforms, the most common sources of revenue are per sign up or on a rev-share basis. Of course, you can also refer models and other affiliates.

On the other hand, as a live webcam site owner, you sell tokens to users which they use to pay for private live sex chats or simply to reward the amazing free live webcam show.

3. Adult sex chat

A user gets to interact with a “real” woman and pays a premium price for a call. These types of websites and services charge on a per-minute or per-bundle basis. As for the latter, a user can pay for several minutes worth of call in advance at a discounted price.

4. Adult dating

Similarly to adult sex chat, adult dating includes text messaging with visual content (read images/videos). It is somewhat similar to a social network just that it is exclusive for the adult (18+) members only. Users pay for memberships, as well as per message or even purchase a pack of ten messages or whatever the special offer is.

5. Adult gaming

While anime is definitely super popular, some take it to the next level with adult gaming. This includes free and paid websites where you get to enjoy playing all sorts of kinky games. Some are more interactive than the others, but all sure are fun.

6. VR porn

To offer porn fans something more, a production company can take things to the next level with virtual reality XXX content. For this, of course, they charge premium subscription price (which sometimes comes with VR headset for free).

7. Affiliate programs

A website owner can easily push specific content and link it to the resource with an affiliate link. This works excellent for niche sites, but general porn tube websites can earn massive revenues, too. Note, it all comes down the traffic volume.

8. Video ads

As a big tube site, you can monetize your web platform with video ads. These are very engaging and quickly spark someone’s interest.

9. Pay per sale program and trial offers (hint: dick pills)

If you would like to step it up, you can create your own offers which go on a PPS (pay per sale) or trial basis. For instance, a first-time user only pays for shipping on their first order but pays full price on a recurring basis.

10. PPC and CPM

PPC is short for pay per click and CPM for cost per mileage or cost per one thousand impressions. This is a tactic that porn sites use when offering others to advertise on their platform. PPC and CPM come into effect if you already have a pretty solid volume of traffic coming to your porn site.

11. Donations

Let’s face it, one of the simplest methods of earning money in porn with a website – any kind – is by introducing a donation button. You can specify different prices they can donate or simply keep it open for them to decide.

12. Directory sites

A directory site is a type of a website where the webmaster collects only the best sites, creating a top-notch resource of websites for everything porn. A directory site can be generic or niche. How does a webmaster earn? They charge a premium price for the inclusion on the list and an in-depth review.

13. Porn blogs/review sites

Just like in any other industry, there are porn blogs and porn review sites entertaining fans, too. There are tons of different options on how to monetize a blog. Through affiliate links, by adding banner advertisements and collaborating with a brand to review their product or service.

14. (Signature) Sex toys

Ah, sex toys, do we even need to say anything else?

15. Hard links

Another way of earning (big) bucks in the adult entertainment industry is by selling hard links. These are the links that stay on a website permanently or over a specific period (one month, half a year, year, etc.). Primarily, this works for site owners who are interested in bringing in more traffic to their websites, as well as for search engines optimization.

16. Plug traffic

Some networks offer webmasters to earn revenue via plug traffic. After you create a widget, you then paste the code to your website and it will show geo-targeted advertisements. When your user clicks on it, you earn $ – as simple as that. You can also participate in traffic exchanges but not a requirement.

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Most Popular HD Porno From Last Week

Top Ten HD Porno Last Week

Another glorious week has passed and you’re ready for a whole new series of exciting adventures! No matter if you’re dealing with dip-shit bosses in an office or you’re putting out actual fires as a firefighter, we all need time to unwind and stop to smell the roses…

Each week we take time to delve deep into our premium video channels to indulge in some steaming hot statistics to bring you the hottest trends in porn! We prepare our weekly countdown by examining only the HD videos found in our video channels and ranking them in terms of community impact! Once we’re done, we have some exhausted statisticians AND we get a collection of truly amazing porn.

The community impact score is calculated by looking at a variety of sexy factors like, view count, view duration, likes and much, much more to give us an accurate picture.

10. Sucking Her Step Bros Cock While He Meditates

First up on our list is a family roleplay clip from the BrattySis video channel.

9. Mom Helps Daughter Teach Pervy Step Brother A Lesson

Some lessons can’t be taught in a classroom. Thanks MomsTeachSex!

8. Karma Rx, Sophia, & Kenzie fucking two big dicks

The hardcore experts at Spizoo always bring us the biggest names in the biz… This video is no exception.

7. How I met my Girlfriend Jessa Rhodes

Was this how you met your GF? Probably not… Thankfully this XXX simulator from LifeSelector is ready to enjoy.

6. Fine Ass Office Slut Rilynn Rae Fucks Her Boss

Is your workplace like this? No? You should apply with the folks at XXX At Work…

5. Nubile Teen Rebel Lynn Fucked Raw By Nick Manning

Watch XXX star Rebel Lynn learn how to take porn dick in this classic from I am Eighteen!

4. Babe Brandi Love Craves BBC Vacation

In the number four spot, we’ve got an interracial scene from BLACKED… because that’s kinda what they do.

3. Jelena Jensen And Alex Chance And Abella Danger

More girls mean more fun in this scene from GirlsWay.

2. Japanese slut, Yuka Sawakita had a wild interracial threesome

The folks at JapanHDV bring us all the hottest antics from the Far East. Want BBC slamming into genuine Asian girls? They got that.

1. Kagney most intense anal scene with big gapes

And ironically TUSHY comes out on top! If you like anal sex… this IS the place to be.

It was another exciting week in the world of XXX! After careful calculations, the TUSHY video channel emerged as our winner this week with JapanHDV and GirlsWay in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Congrats to all the fine video channels and starlets featured in our list…

Top categories this week include family roleplay, anal sex, and big tits.

Don’t forget to visit next week for even more results. Browse our HD video channels, sort by newest, most popular, most viewed and more. Build your perfect porno playlist here at PORN.COM!

Did we include your favorite clip? Did we miss out on a real winner? Let us know in the comments or reach out on twitter @worldsbestporn

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Bangbus Video Channel

Get ready to take your fucking on the road! The Bangbus Video Channel is notorious for giving us fun, scripted tales of picking up hot girls and fucking the hell out of them! The Bangbus has gone down in history by slinging more sausage than the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

The Bangbus video channel is the ultimate American Dream come true! Watch as these guys go on an epic adventure to pick up as many women as possible and fuck them! You’ll be surprised who they meet along the way as the Bangbus fucks it’s way across the USA!

Hardcore Fun on The Bangbus

Today we share some XXX shenanigans…

Asian Cutie Keilani Kita Hops On The Bang Bus

When this bus is a rockin’, DO come a knockin’!

Big Booty Latin MILF Rose Monroe on Bang Bus

Big booty MILFs need rides too! This cutie needs to get some shit done… but first she needs to pay for her ride.

Tight Lil’ Blondie Gets WRECKED On The Bang Bus!

Lily Rader is spotted riding her bike… she finds something else to ride thanks to this magic bus!

Pornstar hottie Rachel Starr on bangbus

Want some big, pierced tits? Sure ya do! This is the ultimate pick up vid for you…

This is only a taste of the sensational content you’ll find at the BangBus video channel. Be sure to check them out for yourself and build your ultimate porn playlist at PORN.COM

Feel free to leave a comment or reach out on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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The Best Foot Massage Seduction Porn Video

There are times in life when your lover goes on the offensive with a foot massage seduction tactic. Everything left for you to do is, raise a white flag, and admit defeat.

Enjoying the morning together, Jessica Lincoln and her boyfriend are just about to start their day when a much dirtier and seductive taught crawls inside of Jessica’s head. It gets her into doing something that will definitely wake both of them up.

Approaching him with lust in her eyes, he gets where things are heading, and just sits patiently. Boyfriend waits for Jessica to get that slender little frame in bed, where a world of pleasure awaits her.

The foot massage seduction game Jessica possesses is strong. The moment she begins touching him softly with those tender little fingers, his manhood starts pulsating and begs her to come a little closer.

Accepting the invitation – blouse unbuttoned – her slow movements have an aphrodisiac-like effect on her man. He starts to get rock hard and ready for a great morning wake-up routine.

Sliding the pants off of her buff guy, brunette babe reveals his throbbing penis. She immediately begins handling it with her tender lips. She puts it deep into her mouth, gagging herself, and getting a little smirk of delight across her pretty face.

The foot massage seduction was successful. The two lovers, on the bed, now in a position where she gets her pussy licked by a handsome guy is getting a new dimension of erotic substance.

This leaves the raven-haired beauty speechless. As Jessica’s inner satisfaction turns into its acoustic equivalent, their howls of euphoria start getting a louder expression. In a matter of seconds, the horny girl is on her back, feeling the full force of her boyfriend’s big cock impaling her tight little pussy. Before she could close her eyes and enjoy the moment, he turns her sideways and continues fucking her while the morning is still young.

Getting in a doggy style position the moment for her tight little asshole to be destroyed has come. This gentleman is not wasting a second waiting around.

The guy plunges his thick cock into her tiny backdoor. He makes her yelling and begging him. She wants him to continue to abolish her tiny ass in any way he wants to.

Jessica finds the strength to pleasure her pussy while he keeps fucking her in the ass. When turning her back on him and sitting on top, she creates a situation where her legs are open. Indeed, her pussy is screaming for her fingers to go deeper. Needless to say, her ass is begging her man to go faster.

To finish things off, they get off the bed and continue their little anal exploration game on the chair.

The tight babe enjoys every second of his big cock in her backdoor. The guy thanks his lucky stars that this is happening, and they end things with an explosive cumshot all over her face.

We can say for sure that this foot massage seduction game came to a happy ending, and so do our two love birds.

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Top Ten HD Sex Videos From Last Week

Top Ten HD Porn Vids Last Week

The time has come once again! We’re about to countdown our top ten HD sex videos from last week…

Who will emerge as the top starlets and video channels this week? Which new trends or XXX classics will get all the attention? We find out now!

Each week we carefully calculate the community impact score of HD porn videos found within our premium video channels. Only clips from these channels are eligible for our list.

10. Cherie DeVille teaches her step-daughter

First up this week is a clip from the Fucking Awesome video channel. Enjoy!

9. Gorgeous Brunette Scorcher Brooklyn Chase Rides Dick

We answer the eternal question; do Big Tits like Big Dicks? Yes, yes they do.

8. Redhead And Brunette Play With Each Other

This video is a thing of beauty! Thanks goes to the Sapphic Erotica channel for this one.

7. Hot Lesbians Eating Hairy Pussies On The Floor

Looking for more lesbian sex fun? Sure ya are! Good thing the Girls Out West video channel can provide…

6. Your busty and curvy step sister Lena Paul

The LifeSelector channel delivers fun POV fuck videos with some of the biggest pornstars in the industry. Treat yourself today.

5. Horny twins sharing a stunt cock

“We’re going to see the twins!” Thanks to Private for this fun vid.

4. Cumming On My Hot Moms Big Tits!

Thanks to this clip from MomsTeachSex, we now know the best place to cum!

3. Cute Brunette In A Thong Gets Butt Plugged

Let this be a warning to all those other brunette babes in thongs… You’re gonna’ get butt plugged. Thanks Perfect Gonzo!

2. Jada Stevens Huge ASS LOVES BBC

In our number two spot is a video from BLACKED featuring the sensational Jada Stevens.

1. Teens Gina Valentina & Sophia fucking a huge cock

In our top spot is a clip from the folks at Spizoo. They feature some of the hottest girls in the biz and this threesome is no exception!

Thanks for joining us for another exciting top ten list here at PORN.COM. Congrats goes out to Spizoo for delivering the top video last week but BLACKED and Perfect Gonzo also deserve some love.

Top categories from last week include threesome, interracial and anal sex.

Be sure to join us next week for even more results. Browse our growing library of XXX clips and build your perfect pussy-pounding playlist here at PORN.COM.

Did we include your favorite clips? Let us know in the comments or touch base on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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Horror Porn Comics – vPorn blog

In many ways, the United States is a Puritan country. It’s not always obvious to those of us who live here; after all, we do have plenty of smut. But we don’t miss what we don’t know we’re missing. And one of the things that we’ve been missing since the early 1950s is porn in our comic books. For more than half a century the Comics Code Authority kept American comic books free of anything even remotely sexual.

chesty blonde showing her pussy while werewolf howls

There were, of course, lots of horror comics. But horror is curiously muted when the werewolf never rips the pretty girl’s dress off before he eats her. And is the monster who leaps out of the bushes really a fully-featured monster, if he can do violence, but carries no weight of sexual menace? Seriously, how realistic is it that in American horror comics, every helpless heroine chained in a dank basement got to keep her clothes on? Sexy horror — horror porn, if you will — is a complete comic book genre that essentially never got a chance to exist in the United States, “thanks” to the Comics Code.

swimming nude menaced by kelp monsters

Fortunately, it’s a big world out there. Our European brethren have their own regulatory systems, and I’ll never know all the rules they struggle to comply with (or, perhaps, to circumvent). But I can tell you about one horror porn comic book imprint that’s well worth seeking out. (You can find quite a few scans in various places online, if you dig hard enough.) The imprint is “Terrificolor” by Elvifrance — a French publisher and translator of, usually, full color pornographic Italian horror fumetti comics. And the Terrificolor publications emphatically do not have any problems mixing porn into their horror comics!

I mentioned a monster who leaps out of bushes. That wasn’t a hypothetical example. Here we have a “Little Blonde Riding Hood” (complete with a basket of goodies for grandma) whose misfortune it is to meet a hooded goon with really terrible impulse control:

masked man leaping out of bushes to grab a cute blonde

Her lacy black underthings don’t long survive:

ripping off her bra

Her entire ordeal is rendered in about 14 panels, which may explain her thousand-yard stare:

masked man ravishing a blonde

The Terrificolor imprints run to a lot of standard horror-comic tropes as well, less “masked man leaping out of bushes on a sunny day” and more “twisted hunchback with a rat-filled torture dungeon”. But at least these hunchbacks understand that rats are a lot more terrifying if you deprive your victims of the minimal protection clothing might provide:

hunchback taunts bondage blonde nude

In this next panel, Our Heroine is praying. Since I can’t share the entire comic with you, I’ll give you this much spoiler: her prayers are unavailing. It does not end well for her.

nude blonde menaced by rats

In fact — and I’m not sharing the final panels involving this unfortunate lady, because my own personal definition of “porn” does not run to gore — she gets substantially chewed by those rats. That’s a problem, or it may be a problem for you, with horror porn; there’s gonna be gore. As a freedom of speech, free-expression radical, I fully support and have no problem with people making and publishing this kind of porn. But I don’t actually want to view it in detail or republish it at any length under my byline. I can’t find the “sexy” in blood and entrails. So you have been warned and disclaimed: don’t go looking for Terrificolor scans unless you’re willing to deal with a bit of that!

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True Anal Video Channel

The True Anal Video Channel

When you want some quality backdoor banging, none of that fake anal is gonna’ do… What you need is True Anal!

True Anal is a premium video channel at PORN.COM and this video collection is currently ranked 44th overall. As with other custom video channels, True Anal provides video content along a consistent theme… that theme is butt fuckery!

True Anal Video Channel - Anal Sex

Top adult producers all over the world update channels at PORN.COM to share content with the porn-loving masses. In the case of True Anal, you’ll find some of the biggest stars in adult taking porn dick up the ass… What a world we live in!

This is your chance to enjoy some sensational anal sex as we showcase some of the fine bum love you’ll discover… Take the road less traveled and get ready for something special.

Abella Danger gagged and ass fucked again

Abella shows us why she’s a star. Enjoy this mind-blowing anal sex scene.

Ass fucking threesome with Lana and Riley

Two asses are better than one. Watch as this pair of XXX stars fight over a thick porn dick.

Ass fucking redhead teen Arietta Adams

Do gingers like butt fucking? Hellz yeah they do!

Did our spotlight on True Anal satisfy your butt fucking cravings? Be sure to visit their channel at PORN.COM to see more. You can sort content by newest, most viewed, most popular and more.

More Butt Fucking - True Anal

Login to build your perfect porno playlist and be sure to follow us on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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Hottie of the week – Lee Martos

If you would like to enjoy some fresh faces, you better check out Lee Martos.

This brunette hottie is outstanding.

Her body is slim and slender; however, Lee’s ass is perfectly rounded and her boobs ideal for cupping.

While you could not find much information on who Lee actually is, the following two details might be more than enough to get us going forward. From her writing alone, Lee must be somewhere from Spain.

Moreover, Lee is also a Suicide Girl, meaning, you know where you can find nudes of her.

However, every once in a while, you will even find Lee Martos publish a naked picture of herself to her Instagram profile, too.

It is more than obvious that she does not show the goodies; however, her frame is more than enough to get the juices flowing.

Additionally, Lee also has a bunch of tattoos and a pierced nose. I was trying to figure out where or not her nipples are pierced, too, but I believe they are not. What do you say? Does Lee have her nipples pierced or not?

What’s more, it is no secret that Lee Martos is also a singer. And on some of her shows, she has her dress so tight and short, you can see her butt cheeks clearly. No complaints!

In addition to that, I bet Lee is also a fan of the green stuff. Is it just me, or is Mary Jane becoming more and more popular once again? I remember, well, 15 years ago, everyone was smoking. Then it somewhat died out. Now, again, it seems everyone is puffing.

Anyhow, if you are into a lady who does things her own, original and unique way, go ahead and take a peek at Lee Martos. Not to mention, follow her on Instagram and enjoy all the raunchy images she posts on a regular basis.

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Top Ten HD Porn Clips Of Last Week

Top Ten HD Porn Vids Last Week

Start your week with a balanced blend of XXX sucking and fucking! Today we dish out a heaping helping of hardcore fun…

As with every week, today we’ll list our most popular HD porn vids from our video channels. We put our statistics department to the test every single week in order to keep track of new XXX viewing trends.

We compare and rank only videos from our premium video channels and in the end we’re left with a truly epic collection of hardcore videos. Now is your chance to see what videos have made the biggest impact over the past seven days and which video channels emerge as our winners…

10. Karlee Grey Gets Her Hairy Pussy Fucked Hard

The Fucking Awesome video channel has an impressive number of XXX videos to select from.

9. Horny College Girls Pleasure Each Other In A Pool

It’s all-girl group fun from Girls Out West… We’d add, “Yee Haw, but we’re talking about a different kinda’ “West” here.

8. Step Sisters Ripped Yoga Pants

Looking for some naughty family roleplay porn? The StepSiblingsCaught can help!

7. Cute Brunette In A Thong Gets Butt Plugged

In the number seven spot, the XXX experts at Perfect Gonzo come out swinging!

6. Scorching Hot Lilith Lust Is a Fucking Porn Goddess

Everything is BIG, BIG, BIG around these parts… Big Tits like Big Dicks

5. Eva se fait baiser sur le chantier de sa maison

Get some culture and enjoy a sexy European adventure with the folks at Illico Porno!

4. Three horny students have their way with stunning Japanese teen

Say hello to the Land of the Rising Sun and the insanity that is JapanHDV!

3. Revenge Fuck With My Sister & She Loved It

Next up, we have some family roleplay fun from the folks at BrattySis.

2. Anal With My Ex Husband and Best Friend

The butt-blasting experts at TUSHY deliver some mind-blowing butt fuckery in this clip.

1. Evelyn Claire takes on two BBCs

…And in our top spot, BLACKED! Were you expecting anything less?

What an exciting week! Congrats to the BLACKED video channel for coming out on top (pun intended). The TUSHY and BrattySis channels also deserve some love for a strong showing this week. The top video categories included threesome sex and big tits.

Be sure to return for more eye-popping, cum-flying results! We’ll review the numbers as they happen to bring you the breaking porn news you crave…

Please feel free to leave a comment or simply say hello on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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Best Selena Gomez Nudes, Are They Even Real?! 2019

The moment you have all been dying for, to finally see the Selena Gomez nudes. Boy oh boy, must you be excited right now. Well, it does not happen every day that you see a list of nudes from a highly likable young celebrity. She is adorable, cute, attractive, sexy, you name it, Selena has the assets you would not mind playing with. But truth be told, how many of these naked pictures staring Selena are actually true? Well, at least for now, they are pretty much all fake. Is that a clickbait? Heck yes! Dude, at least I am honest with you. Still, I am sure some of you thought you will actually see the real Selena Gomez nudes. Not today. But never say never.

Who knows what the future and Selena have in store for us. We all know more and more ladies, even the most popular personas in the world, are taking it all off. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Whether it is purely for marketing purposes or god knows what, I do not really care. Whenever there is a new hottie who takes it all off, let it be Becca Brown or Mila Jovovich, you have my attention. I am a simple man, I see some naked skin and I start to slobber.

It is still too early to say when Selena’s nudes will go public. Or if they even ever will. But I bet she has plenty on her phone! To this day, we have already seen plenty sideboob and even nipple action going on from Selena. That said, she sure is not shy wearing a very open and loose top or dress. Do we have a chance then to see her full nudes? Who knows, it may happen. But for now, we solely need to rely on these small, yet big, accidents that happen to Selena in front of tens if not hundreds of photographers. But paparazzi everywhere! Maybe, just maybe, we see Selena Gomez nudes while she sunbaths somewhere “privately.”

Whatever the future holds for us, I keep staying optimistic. I mean, who does not want to see Selena Gomez naked? I bet you are all fantasizing about the moment to see her silky smooth skin in Eve’s costume. You know what my answer will be. I do, too. On a regular. Until then, we should feed ourselves with pokies, see-throughs and other raunchy images from the youngster, Selena.

Deep down, I know that it will happen. I just cannot say when exactly. We would need to wait to see the magic happen. And when it does, you will come here and thank me for keeping the hype going. Selena surely is a daring girl who likes to take the top off for a “topless” photo shoot. But she keeps on covering those boobs, making us even hungrier. That is called strategy, my friends.

Oh well, I might be half dreaming half awake right now, but I could not go to sleep without leaving you with some Selena Gomez nudes which are not really. However, it will definitely spice things up and let your imagination racing at an even faster pace.

By the way, if you aren’t already, go say Selena hi on Instagram.

To your luck, we have even more Selena Gomez nudes and naked images here for you. The first one is from our pals over at CelebJihad. Guess how much real this one is? I thought so! Anyhow, if you lack imagination and have trouble visualizing thing, I bet this sexy picture of Selena will do the trick. That trimmed bush suits her perfectly.

selena gomez nude sex pictures

Moreover, we bring you a bunch more images of the sexy, adorable and always sweet-looking Selena that I took from her Instagram profile. There is some nipple action going on which I am sure you will like a lot. At least I do!

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Make Them Gag Video Channel

Make Them Gag Video Channel

The Make Them Gag video channel here at PORN.COM is all about satisfying oral sex… This premium channel has all the tear-jerking, tonsil-tickling action you could ask for!

The Make Them Gag channel is currently ranked 222nd and this classic collection has been a favorite for a while now. As with other channels at PORN.COM, you can sort videos from Make Them Gag by newest, most popular, most viewed, top rated and more. FInd your favorite blowjob clips and create your ultimate playlist…

Make Them Gag - PORN.COM Video Channel
Make Them Gag | PORN.COM

We’ll share a collection of videos from the Make Them Gag channel to get you started.

Avril Hall Loves Gagging and Choking on Monster Dick

We get to witness some serious dick sucking skills in this one.

Tight-bodied Chrissy Moon Sucks Jack Vegas’ Cock For A Facial

There is some serious gagging going on in this one!

Meet Gag Queen JC Simpson

This seems like the best kinda’ office environment you can find!

Wonderful Alina West Takes Thick Cock Deep Down Throat

See Alina West do what she does best in this HD dick suckin’ vid!

Visit Make Them Gag and see all the blowjob action for yourself. Thick porn dicks slide past warm lips until we get the gag!

Thanks for joining us for another video channel spotlight. Please feel free to leave a comment or visit us on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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GILF Handjob By Lady Sonia Is Outstanding

It could not get any better than receiving a GILF handjob. Especially when the mature woman knows exactly what you want and what you desire. Not just that, but happens to be a sexy masseuse, too.

This GILF lady, Lady Sonia, is a mean-looking mature woman with a heart of gold.

Her medium-short blonde hair brings a type of sophisticated look upon her. And those tits that are hanging out of her sexy masseuse uniform are a sight to behold.

She prepares him with tender movements with her arms.  Lady strokes his thighs up and down, making her client feel nice and relaxed before she eats him up like a delicious cookie.

Applying a little massage oil has him slightly aroused. Just when things are getting more and more exciting, Lady suddenly stops.

The unsuspecting man on the table is waiting for her to continue. Little does he know, Sonia is getting undressed.

Meanwhile, she gets into the persona of her relaxed alter ego Lady Sonia which loves to take men that don’t know a thing about life and makes them into her little sex toys.

Lady slips into her comfy stockings and gets on top of the table. Finally, she continues to massage his ass and back in a stimulating fashion.

gilf massage

This GILF handjob requires a lot of experience and concentration. That said, this nubile woman has everything under control. Applying oil to her clients back and onto her huge tits; the message takes a rough turn and becomes an erotic experience for both of them.

Rubbing his back with her big tits, slowly going up and down his ass, Lady’s hands slip under his lying body. She grabs his dick hard as things are getting more and more hated. After all, they are slowly running out of time.

With every minute flying by in amazing fun, she turns her fuck toy over and starts applying pressure on his dick. Of course, with her big tits and firm nipples, seductively looking into his eyes, as if she is telling him he is about to have a ride of his lifetime.

Being on the receiving end of a GILF handjob is something that not many people can say they have gone through. Fortunately, this lucky guy has blessings from the sky upon him.

Taking the pulsating cock in her hands and rubbing it with sensual oil makes them both twitch with jubilation. As her highness, Sonia, looks deep into her lover’s eyes, her beautifully preserved fingers caress the tip of his cock. The movement throws him into a bliss-like state.

Changing the position of his dick from her hands, to her nipples and boobs, to her loving hands again, he cums with a thrill in his moan and tells her to book another appointment.

This sizzling hot lady knows how to satisfy you with a GILF handjob you will never forget, and if by any chance you do, you are welcome to return anytime you want for a rematch with the queen herself, Lady Sonia.

In conclusion, Lady will always do her best to treat her clients the right way.

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Most Popular HD Porn Vids of the Past Week

Top Ten HD Porn Vids Last Week

You guessed it! Today we look back at the past week to determine the very best of the best! Each week we review HD porn videos from our premium video channels and rank them in terms of community impact. This helps us keep track of new and continuing trends AND we get a big ol’ pile of sweet porno in the process!

Journey alongside us as we dive, deep… Real deep!

To calculate our community impact score, we take a look at multiple factors like view count, view duration, likes, shares and more. Once we’re done crunching the numbers we get a pretty solid set of results and a mind-blowing top ten list of hot-as-fuck fucking. The show must go on…

10. Smoking Hot Blonde Shows Off Her Cock Sucking

First up this week is a clip from the Backroom Casting Couch channel. See how the Dream Factory really works.

9. Bedroom Play sensual lesbian scene

So damn sensual… Thanks to Sapphic Erotica for this one.

8. Cumming Inside My StepSis During Movie!

Every good movie ends in a creampie! See more Family Roleplay scenes like this from the folks at StepSiblingsCaught

7. Step Son Fucks Mom Better Then Dad on Valentines Day

Some Holiday Traditions are better than others… See more at MomsTeachSex.

6. Teen Lexi Lore is punished by two monster cocks

The folks at Spizoo bring us this next clip… Lexi Lore is great at multitasking!

5. Housewives are moaning from pleasure during a group sex

It’s amazing just how crowded Asian communities can be! Enjoy a group sex session from JapanHDV.

4. Golf Teens Want Holes Filled By Big Bros Cock Before Masters

Alex Blake and Whitney Wright play the front nine in this HD threesome fuck vid from BrattySis.

3. Middle Eastern Nadia Ali gets fucked hard, big booty

Spizoo makes it to our top ten list for the 2nd time this week with this exotic XXX vid!

2. Samantha Saint Cheats with BBC

The BLACKED channel specializes in delivering BBC to dick hungry hot wives everywhere… this video is no exception.

1. Fat Ass Sis Cant Stop Twerking On Cock

There’s a lot going on in that title, but there’s more action in the video itself! Watch Carmen Caliente do what she does best in this clip from My Family Pies.

Thanks for joining us for yet another exciting top ten list. There were some truly outstanding videos featured this week but there can be only one winner. Congrats to the My Family Pies video channel and to Carmen Caliente for all the hard work. The BLACKED channel and Spizoo also deserve some love, so spread it around!

Video categories with the most impact include, family roleplay, and big cock.

Be sure to return next week for more cum-soaked results. Build your perfect XXX playlist or simply see what’s new at PORN.COM!

Did we feature your favorite video channel or clip? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Countdown for Top Ten HD Videos Last Week

Are you ready for some porno? We know you are because you’re here and because we do this top ten list every week… Thanks for being part of the fun!

We feel its important to keep our naughty fingers on the pulse of our community to discover new viewing trends and what XXX video content is making the biggest impact.

We compare videos from our premium video channels in terms of view count, view duration, likes, shares and other engagements to come up with an accurate community impact score. Once the dust settles, we’re left with some impressive suck and fuck shenanigans…

10. Big dick surprise for stepsis

First up on our list this week is a clip from the Kinky Family channel.

9. Big Tit Blonde Fucks And Drinks Cum

Obviously a cum diet helps with getting some sweet curves! Thanks to Round Juicy Butts for this one.

8. The Pizza Delivery with Valentina Nappi

Next up, we’re treated to some Valentina Nappi! Another great vid from the folks at Fucking Awesome.

7. College Chicks At The Beach Get Nasty In The Sand

Looking for some sweet lesbian love with natural beauties? The Girls Out West channel might just be for you

6. Gina Gerson Gets Private Lesson On How To Gangbang

Sometimes one dick just isn’t enough. Enjoy this highly educational video from Private.

5. 18-Year-old Lily Jordan is Your Teen Dream Girl!

Watch Lily Jordan do what she does best in this vid from I am Eighteen.

4. Mom Helps Daughter Teach Pervy Step Brother A Lesson

Something tells us this lesson will stick! Thanks to MomsTeachSex for this threesome vid.

3. Angel Wicky gets a messy creampie

Angel Wicky shows us she can take a thick creampie in this vid from Perfect Gonzo.

2. Kagney Linn Karter loves to rim black men

Alternate title: The Black Hole starring Kagney Linn Karter. Thanks to BLACKED for this one.

1. Bestie Wants Brother’s Cock And His StepSis Joins!

Congrats to the BrattySis video channel for coming out on top with this sensual threeway scene!

Thanks for joining us for another exciting top ten list! The BrattySis channel emerged as our winner this week by narrowly edging out BLACKED and Perfect Gonzo.

Video categories with the greatest impact include, family roleplay, threesome and teen.

Be sure to return next week as we do another countdown and get in on the action! Did we share your favorite video or channel? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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18 Box Truck Sex Videos For Unique Public Sex Experience 2019

If you are in need of a unique public fuck session, you sure must not miss these best Box Truck Sex videos. You will be blessed and impressed by the creativity and all the ridiculously hot girls. If you are new to these type of videos, you will not want to stop.

A truck with one-way windows that drives around a crowded city while a couple fucks inside? No one gets to see them but they can see it all. And you? You get to enjoy it all from the comfort of your chair. You just won big times!

When I first saw a Box Truck Sex porno, I just could not believe my eyes. This is the most clever idea ever, I thought to myself. I do not want to take too much of your time with too long of an intro. Instead, I will just let you enjoy the amazing public sex action. The kind you have not yet seen in your life.

And if you need a volunteer to be part of the experience, by all means, call me any time! Yes, I am talking to you, Box Truck staff.

Karol Lilien gets fucked after a massage

Nothing beats a massage on a cold day. But right there, on the spot? I mean, on the street? If guys over at Box Truck Sex run into you, even the impossible is possible. That said, meet Karol Lilien. She is the lucky girl who is about to experience something she has not been apart of yet. First, will she even say yes to a massage from complete strangers who she meets on the street? I am sure you already know the answer.

When inside the truck, thanks to the windows, it feels almost like you would be in front of a public audience. Karol takes it off and the massage begins. The masseur goes the extra mile and starts massaging Karol’s pussy. At first, she is not down for it, but the pleasure and the idea of public sex overcome her shortly after.

Erotic massage in public for Lovenia Lux

Is there anyone out there who is not excited about a massage? Especially when someone offers it for free. I thought so. What about Lovenia Lux, will she say to a couple of studs who she runs into on the sidewalk? Indeed, she is.

Back at the box truck, Lovenia gets naked and prepares herself for the massage. What’s cool, she can enjoy the street, but no one is there to see her. Except for us! What Lovenia Lux does not know, the masseur is interested in way more than just massaging her. And Lovenia is not holding herself back, shows him her ass and lets him play with her vagina.

Soon, Lovenia ends up with his cock deep inside her mouth, getting them both ready for the fuck. Now, this was very unexpected and definitely cheered up everyone’s day.

Hard public fuck for Nataly Gold

At first, you will seem that Nataly Gold is very innocent, angel-like virgin. But things are not quite like so when she gets a stiff cock into her mouth. If you are interested in some rough blowing and banging, Nataly is the lady for you.

After they invite her to the Box Truck Sex, all the rest instantly becomes history. Nataly releases her animal and blows everyone away with her outstanding performance. Two words: she is nasty! You know, the most adorable and shy ladies always end up the wildest. Why so? Because they are holding inside all the energy, but when it bursts out, you better have a cock ready for her.

Dyana enjoys a fuck in the truck after a massage

When a hot blonde lady like Dyana passes you, what do you do? Either you stare at her with your eyes wide open, you talk to her or you turn around since you just cannot deal with such hotties. Well, guys over at the Box Truck Sex did the right thing. They invited Dyana over for a free massage in the back of their truck. As a daring lady as she is, of course, she is always ready for something new. And a massage, well, Dyana is always down for some relaxing moments.

Little does she know, the masseur is a real pervert and starts massaging her pussy without her approvement. Sooner than later, Dyana fully relaxes and enjoy all his moves, especially when he thrusts his rock solid cock deep inside her vagina.

Dolly Diore is the most jolly public fucker ever

As soon as Dolly Diore learns more about this secret studio in the back of a truck, she is turned on. Once she enters it, all she sees is a bed. Why would a couple of dudes want to have a bed when interviewing ladies for their next video? After a quick chat, all becomes very obvious – they want to fuck hot chicks in the back of the truck. That’s the movie they are working on! To their luck, Dolly Diore is very down for the once in a lifetime opportunity.

They undress and Dolly wastes no more time and attacks his shaft with her skilled lips, tongue and mouth. Dolly offers him a nice blowjob, getting his dick ready for the vivid fuck session. Boy, are you about to enjoy this one!

Tattoed Vendy Venus gets a free massage and a sex session

Hesitant at first, the idea of a free body massage by a professional right before work intrigues Vendy Venus a whole lot. As a tattooed and pierced babe, she follows her gut feeling and does exactly what she wants. This whole truck salon thing captures Vendy’s attention and the rest is history. Attila welcomes Vendy and lets her undress. With his strong and skilled arms, Vendy Venus’ body juices start flowing almost instantly.

At one point, she even lets him massage her small boobs and later her pussy as well. At this moment, the two are all in to bring out the real truth about the Box Truck Sex. They fuck like wild animals and Vendy even suck his enormous shaft to keep the flow going.

Raunchy photographer fucks Asian babe Yasmin Scott in public

It is Valentine’s Day and this photographer is out on the prowl looking to pick-up easy chicks. As soon as he turns the block, he spots chatty Australian Asian beauty Yasmin Scott who is aching for action. In a matter of minutes, they are in the back of his car and Yasmin is ready to have sex in the Box Truck. She slips out of her clothes and he slobbers her shaved pussy. But that is just the beginning. A big tit licking and deepthroat blowjob get her in the mood for more. They continue fucking like animals and he sends Yasmin on her way with cum in her mouth.

Amateur Spanish slut Alexa Nasha fucked during public casting

Out on our search for new adult models, we spot a slim and tattooed Spanish hottie in Barcelona. At first she seems shy, but quickly loosens up. Taking it slowly, step by step, we fill her pockets with money and she hands over her clothes. When Alexa gets down to her panties, she is too horny to back out – Box Truck Sex is inevitable. First she gets her little tits and pierced pussy licked. Then Alexa Nasha deepthroats a fat cock with delight. The only thing left to do is ti get her little cunt pummeled. To finish, she eats a big cumshot and comes with a vibrator between her legs.

Busty blonde Lili Peterson oiled up for public anal

This busty blonde, Lili, is the perfect model for the massage video and has no qualms about stripping and oiling up. With her boyfriend outside and blissfully unaware, there should be no time to waste to seduce Lili Peterson in the back of the truck. Her panties slide off her ass and a dildo is slipped inside of it. With one-way mirrors all around her, the excitement of having Box Truck fuck is too great to miss out on. Within minutes Lili is moaning and spreading her legs for anal. She only pauses to go ass to mouth and is later rewarded by getting her private parts squirt and eats hot cum.

Blonde cougar Elen Million banged in the middle of Paris

Paris, the city of lights, is also the home of many hotties. That is why finding a blonde MILF like Elen Million to star in a video is no problem at all. At first, Elen is a bit skeptical but agrees to take photos in her white lingerie and nude as well. But then, aroused by the fact that she is in public and surrounded by one-way mirrors, Elen wants more. She is all free to show her skills both when fucking and blowing the dick. She gorges on a big cumshot to finish this session of Box Truck Sex and leaves with a big smile on he face.

Married brunette Vicky Love gets it done on the streets of Budapest

Under the guise of filming a promotional video for a mobile massage studio, the team chats up an unsuspecting couple. That is how they get Hungarian hottie, Vicky Love, off the streets of Budapest in the back of the truck. First, Vicky resists inappropriate touching, but quickly lets the hands wander. After all, her husband is outside and blissfully unaware of what is happening at the moment. As soon as she feels safe, a fresh new session of kinky Box Truck Sex takes place. The amateur beauty gets fingered, fucked and licked before munching on hot jizz all while her spouse paces right outside.

Young Spanish slut Jimena Lago enjoys fucks sex with stranger

There is always a hottie out there that wants to get into the adult industry, but Barcelona is a gold mine. On the recent trip there, cute amateur named Jimena Lago gets discovered. Jimena is a bit hesitant right off the bat, but money makes her pose for photos in the back of the truck. Then, when Jimena Lago undresses down to her lingerie, getting pussy stretched in the back of a truck with a vibrator becomes a reality. She gets pussy licked while giggling and fucked while moaning. Her little booty bounces on a big cock till her strength gives out. To end the fuck session with style, young Jimena gets fed with cum.

Adventurous English blonde Sienna Day and the Box Truck Sex experience

After a stroll through the city, sexy blonde Sienna Day gets asked for a quick photo shoot in the back of a truck. She goes from non nude down to red lingerie and touching. But the money makes all the difference in what happens next. Sienna goes down to her knees, wets her lips and starts giving deepthroat head like a pornstar. Now it is on. After getting on all fours, Sienna gets her big boobs groped and pussy smashed doggy style. Then Sienna Day takes charge with a cowgirl ride and finishes having sexual encunter by getting cum on her sweet tits.

French brunette Mylene Johnson seduced and screwedin the truck

Paris might be known for its art and rich history, but to us, it is known for all the sexy women. Who agrees? After spotting hot brunette Mylene Johnson, it is just a matter of moments before she agrees to take photos in public. After that, getting her into our truck is more than easy. The photo shoot continues as she poses in lingerie. But her curvy body is too hot to pass up. You know what that calls for? For one of Mylene Johnson’s most unique experience aka Box Truck Sex. Luckily, she wants to get her pierced pussy licked. Once wet and horny, Mylene is all about getting fucked savagely. He obliges before letting she gobbles up white cock cream.

Gorgeous Spanish raven Alexa Tomas takes cash for truck fuck

To find a beautiful girl in Barcelona for Box Truck Sex is quite a simple task. Such ladies are all over the place. And one of them is Spanish bombshell, Alexa Tomas. She does not mind posing in lingerie at all! Once down to her panties, Alexa does not mind to fool around either. A vibrator gets her wet before all her pussy juices get cleaned up with some pussy licking. From then on out, Alexa is ready to return the favor with a passionate blowjob. Feisty by nature, Alexa Tomas does not stop there. She wants cock badly and gets smashed by sliding on a hard dick. To finish, she goes to her knees and sucks the large rod dry.

Box Truck banging featuring young Spanish Fitness model Susy Gala

What happens when you mix business with pleasure? What about mixing a tinder date with sex in the back of a truck in the middle of Barcelona? Wait and see the magic happen. Tempting Spanish brunette, Susy Gala, is the model for the afternoon. One thing is for sure, Susy has no problem stripping to model for cash. As a fitness fanatic, her ass is out of this world, and, obviously, everyone wants to have a taste of it. Not all are born under the lucky star. When she reveals her tattoo covered body, the time comes to take care of her pussy by licking the clit. Deepthroat face fucking ensues and primes this slutty beauty with big tits for a session of hardcore sex in public. Who is into fitness chicks?

Spanish pornstar Marco Banderas rams Briana Banderas in Box Car

When cruising around Barcelona to look for girls, inviting Marco Banderas to come along is always a wise deicison to make. He is the first to spot hot blonde, Briana Banderas, and charms her into modeling for the camera. Strapped for cash, Briana gladly accepts the offer to pose, strip and even have Box Truck Sex. Once naked, Marco makes his move and gets this little whore to give him some great head. Knowing there is more cash coming, Briana takes his thick pornstar dick and gets fucked apart in her favorite positions. She finished with cum on her big, natural boobs and tongue.

Cute and tiny Spanish teen Apolonia Lapiedra does it all for money

There is no shortage of sexy girls on the streets of Barcelona. Barely any time passes when out of nowhere little Apolonia Lapiedra appears. This tiny babe makes her way to the mobile porn studio parked in public and starts modeling. Money makes Apolonia do things she never even thought about. Slowly and steadily, she strips to the bare zero with a handful of euros in her pocket. Once naked, Apolonia is horny enough to accept kisses and more than willing to get toyed. After that, the small tits slut goes through her paces by stuffing her sex parts with a big dick from all angles. And to end the wild and wicked public truck fuck, Apolonia gets her mouth filled with spunk.

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New Sensations Video Channel

New Sensations Video Channel

Today we celebrate the New Sensations video channel at PORN.COM! Currently, this video clip collection is ranked 43rd among users and has over 1600 active subscribers. As with other premium video channels at PORN.COM, the New Sensations channel consists of hand-picked content from some of the world’s biggest adult producers.

PORN.COM video channels give XXX content creators the opportunity to share a glimpse of all their hard work. These custom pages can be sorted by newest, most viewed, most popular and more. This particular video channel has a focus on top stars and sensual hardcore scenes.

New Sensations Video Channel
New Sensations Video Channel

AT New Sensations You’ll find curvy MILF divas, tight teen starlets and everything in between! Content consists mainly of steamy one-on-one scenes but there’s also the odd threesome to mix things up. Anal sex, interracial fun and more can all be enjoyed on this channel and it’s a great source for building your own PORN.COM video playlists.

Busty Natasha Nice XXX Big Tits Rubdown & Fuck

Natasha Nice is a force of nature. This big tit MILF sweetie will live on in your dreams after this video.

Asian Step Sister Vina Sky Fucking Brother

Vina Sky is a tight little spinner who knows how to handle a big porn dick. See what she can do in this sensual vid.

Hotwife Krissy Lynn Squirting From Hot Fuck Session

The term Hotwife gets tossed around a lot these days… Krissy Lynn is indeed a hot wife.

Valentina Nappi Destroyed by Prince Yashua’s BBC

Italian bombshell Valentina Nappi shows us no task is too big when you set your mind to it!

Try New Sensations for yourself and you just might discover some “new sensations”! Enjoy some top talent and build a XXX collection you can really write home about.

Feel free to leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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vPorn Girls Contest – August Winners

If you are following us, you know that vPorn Girls contests are a real thing and we hold them every month. Not to mention, you probably saw all the hot girls who submitted their pictures already, and you can enjoy them for as much as you want. Like, all the time! Of course, you should not miss coming back, to enjoy some more since we add new on a regular basis.

Anyhow, for the month of August 2019, we decided to pick on one, not three, but ten winners! Yes, you read that right, 10 winners of the vPorn Girls contest.

The main rule to get yourself part of the competition is to write vPorn (girls) on your body or even a piece of paper and shot a raunchy photo of yourself. Or if you are a couple, even better! Now, how wild and wicked you want to go, that is entirely up to you, the limits are close to none.

Without further ado, let’s just go to the point and not waste anyone’s time anymore.

One more thing, since we do not play by the rules, instead of the standard, three winners, we picked five. How cool are we? And yes, it’s the prize money that we give away to the winners what increases the hype even more.

Winners of vPorn Girls contest

1st place – Daria

Who does not like a good see-through, right? Thank you Daria and we congratulate you winning the competition.

2nd place – Natalia

Natalia decided to take things a step furher and mixed jizz with a beautifully writtent vPorn logo.

3rd place – Elizabeth

From white see-throughs to blaxk, here is Elizabeth and she sure has a lovely pair of breasts.

4th place – Anastasia

What can I say, a pair of big boobs are always very appealing to the eye. That frame is amazing, Anastasia.

5th place – Vulgar Kristina

If you enjoy yourself some BDSM action, you will sure enjoy this pretty lady who goes by the name, Vulgar Kristina.

6th place – Evil Bunny

Let’s face it, there is nothing evil-looking in Evil Bunny. Instead, how she sucks on that banana looks very adorable and cute. Who knows what happens when you place a throbbing cock in front of her.

7th place – Olga

Squeezing that breasts firmly, huh, Olga? You sure do know what we like!

8th place – Alice

Legs up high, pussy and asshole exposed, pink panties and flashing one boob, that’s what’s up when it comes to Alice. That septum piercing suits you super well.

9th place – Marianna

If redheads are your cup of tea, Marianna is your lady. Pale and slender body, long nails and perky hooters – enjoy the beautiful view.

10th place – Milena

While boobs and pussies were the main focus so far, let’s together end this vPorn Girls Contest with the lovely ass of Milena.

Until next time, have a blast.


Although this is a competition, we are all here for the fun. We love all the ladies and you better head over to the vPorn Girls section to see even more beautiful creatures!

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The Top 10 HD Sex Videos Of the Past Week

Top HD Porn Vids Last Week

Everyone hold on to your hats because we’re about to do our countdown for the hottest HD vids last week! We love math here almost as much as we love boobies and for that reason alone, we take time each week to dive deep into our viewer statistics…

Once we’re elbow-deep in numbers and graphs, we get a good picture of new and continuing trends while enjoying truly inspiring XXX fun along the way. Only videos from our premium video channels are eligible to make it to our list and we compare these clips in terms of view count, view duration, shares and much, much more. In the end we get a clear Community impact score for each vid and the rest is history!

10. Japanese slut with trimmed pussy, Ai Koda got fucked

Our first vid this week comes in from the Avidolz video channel.

9. Anissa Kate Fucks the English Tutor

Next up is a clip featuring Anissa Kate from the good folks at Fucking Awesome.

8. Beautiful Teen Molly Just Turned 18 And Wants to Fuck!

In the number eight spot this week, I am Eighteen… How appropriate.

7. Mom And Son Share Bed And Fuck

Next up is a clip from the MomsTeachSex channel… A booty is a terrible thing to waste.

6. Step Sister and Friend Get Fucked By Her Brother

This next vid from My Family Pies has the family roleplay you’re looking for plus something a little different.. You’ll see what we mean.

5. Marriage Therapist Has HOT Anal With Client

With a name like TUSHY, you know you’re gonna get some serious anal action… This clip does not disappoint.

4. Huge Tit Oiled Up Woman Takes A Big Dick In Cunt

In our number four spot, Perfect Gonzo!

3. Savana Styles & Jenna Foxx fucking a big hard dick

Step right up and take a gander at the sexy dames at Spizoo! They help redefine hardcore.

2. Evelina Darling and Rina Ellis in lesbian scene

This girl-on-girl scene is something out of an amazing fantasy world. Don’t miss out on it.

1. BLACKED Teen Fucks Her Sisters Boyfriends BBC Behind Her Back

And our top video this week is from BLACKED and features ginger cutie Danni Rivers… Hot damn!

Congrats goes to BLACKED for providing the video with the greatest community impact last week. Sapphic Erotica and Spizoo came in just behind.

Top trending video categories included anal sex and big cocks.

Return next week for more XXX shenanigans and feel free to leave a comment.

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Hottie of the week – Jessica Lesca

You better do yourself a favor, drop everything and bring in your life some Jessica Lesca. You surely will not regret it – not even for a second!

Ah, life is beautiful. And it even gets prettier with ladies, like Jessica. Have you ever heard of her? Me? Not until this time. But as soon as I spotted her on Instagram, Lesca was more than a perfect fit to be crowned our Hottie of the week. Well, congratulations.

But please, do not try and ask me to share with you more information on this lady. Indeed, I truly have no clue who Jessica actually is.

However, I do not know one thing: she is absolutely gorgeous. From head to toe, Jessica is a smoking hot creature who will mess out with your brain.

First thing’s first, her frame. Do I even need to say anything? You already see that Jessica Lesca has a body that is just ideal. Adorable face, long and curly blonde hair, pretty smile, piercing blue eyes and toned belly.

And now the fun parts.

The breasts, Jessica sports, are of perfect sizing. Probably fake, right? Or Jessica just knows how to train them so well. Moreover, that ass. To sum it up, Jessica has the butt for miles! I just cannot stop staring.

What is also super cool about Jessica Lesca is the fact that she knows how to get kinky and naughty. Some of the images she publishes to her Instagram profile are super raunchy.

And a photo of her wearing a white, see-through top tells you more than enough.

Wet shirt alert!

And if you dig even deeper, you sure will find Jessica Lesca completely naked, her pussy and her nipples fully exposed.

Now enjoy yourself while you can and rest your eyes on Jessica’s outstanding assets.